April 7, 2006

Parents of Autistic Kids March Against Mercury

Parents of Autistic Kids March Against Mercury
Lindsay Puccio

April 6, 2006

Almost a thousand parents and physicians marched their way through the streets of Washington, DC to get the government's attention.

Parents said they want more research done to find out if mercury, which is found in children's vaccines, caused their sons and daughters to become Autistic.

"It empowers us as parents, it gives us some power to do something," said Kathy Young, a Charlottesville mother of an Autistic daughter.

Young walked in the "Mercury Generation March" to support her daughter. For years research showed Autism was a genetic disorder. But Young believes her daughter developed the disorder because of a known toxin that is in most vaccines. There has been some studies to prove it.

"No more lies from the CDC," parents chanted. These parents feel if more research is done to find the true cause of Autism, they can possibly find a cure.

"The main goal for all of us is that our kids get the proper treatment because currently with the government refusing to look at the issue seriously, little research is being done," said Young.

Right now, there isn't much parents can do if they believe mercury is responsible for their child's Autism. They feel this rally is their last hope to get the government on their side.

"The FDA and the CDC are making it very difficult for researchers to get the facts so that they can help our kids," said Young.

The CDC denies any cover-up. Currently, one out of every 166 kids are diagnosed with Autism.


Anonymous said...

there isn't mercury in vaccines anymore. there still would have to be a geneic factor or all kids on that same vaccines schedule would have autism, and they don't. mercury could have just been a trigger. mercury is not the true cause of autism. my son has autism and is not related to vaccines.
in order to find the cause'S', (plural) no one can just focus one one possible issue of autism.

Wade Rankin said...


Although I can't speak for Ginger, most of us accept that there is a gentic underpinning or predisposition for our children's autism. Furthermore, mercury may not be the only "trigger," but it likely played a major role in a lot of cases. Vaccines are not yet thimerosal-free however. First, as you should know, the vast majority of flu vaccines (you know, the ones they highly recommend for small children and pregnant women)have a full dose of thimerosal. And even most of those vaccines that are labeled as "preservative-free" still contain "trace" amounts of thimerosal as a result of the manufacturing process. In some cases, that "trace" is truly negligible; in others, it may be more than one would expect to find in something that is labeled as having no thimerosal.

Anonymous said...

as we all know, the flu vac comes thimerosal free, the same ones recommended for small children and pregnant women. we also know few studies have been made as to how many pregnant women had the flu vac while pregnant, or how many gave it to their children. just because it's highly recommended, doesn't mean the whole public goes and does it. the whole theory is mainly based on childhood vacs, which do not include flu shots. I would wonder since 1999, how much trace amounts are still even there with how much production has gone through those manufacturing processes?? at some point, if that trace amount theory is true, it's be gone by now.
mercury poisoning is not the same as autism. it mimicks it. this is why so many claim recovery, while the truly autistic will always be that: autistic

Anonymous said...

anonymous wrote:

"as we all know, the flu vac comes thimerosal free, the same ones recommended for small children and pregnant women".

- Yes, it does come thimerosal free. Unless you specifically demand thimerosal free or have an intelligent doctor (apparently slim these days), you will get thimerosal containing. Health officials refused to stipulate that pregnant women and children should get thimerosal free vaccines. Why?

anonymous wrote:

"the whole theory is mainly based on childhood vacs, which do not include flu shots".

- The schedule does include the flu vaccination now. Not sure what you are talking about.


Why did they start recommending the thimerosal containing flu vaccine for infants and pregnant women AFTER recommending that they start producing thimerosal-free vaccines a few years back? Amazing.

anonymous wrote:

"mercury poisoning is not the same as autism. it mimicks it. this is why so many claim recovery, while the truly autistic will always be that: autistic".

- This is confusing. Are you saying that the people who "claim recovery" were in fact, mercury poisoned and are not really autistic?

Anonymous said...

Flu shots are NOT mandatory. Big difference. They may be included to the vaccine schedule, but a child can still enter school w/o having a flu shot. Not sure why you're insinuating otherwise. Childhood vaccines that ARE manddtory do not any longer contain Thimerosal, unless you "choose" a flu vaccine and don't ask for it Thimerosal-free. Many people do not get the flu shot due to the many things it's made up of any way. Many people don't get the flu sot unless their immune system is lower, as the elderly is.

The arugment of Thimerosal is primarily based on the mandatory vaccine schedule.

Maybe the reason the flu vaccine is being recommended more so is because people are sharing more of their germs.

And there still are many good, intelligent doctors out there, too.

Autism is life-long, there is no cure. If children are recovering from it, then it was not autism, was it? The decription and symptoms for both autism and mercury poisoning are very alike, except that autism is life-long. There is many printed resources to be found on the difference of the two.

Fact is, regarless of the vaccines, children will continue to be born with autism. Children are still being diagnosed today with having autism. Children have autism who were never vaccinated.

There still has to be a genetic factor.

Good day to you

Anonymous said...

This is a study that shows how mercury from vaccines has caused an increase of autism in children in the last few years: http://www.jpands.org/vol11no1/geier.pdf

Anonymous said...

Mercury is without a doubt the cause of autism, trust me, I have had 31 years of experience with this topic as I have been poisoned by this stuff my entire life and have seen the effects of it after every exposure to mercury. I have had major autistic symptoms my entire life, my mineral bloodwork is almost identical to children with autism, and I have direct proof of the toxicity of thimerosal after one last final tetanus shot that made me so incredibly sick, you wouldn't even be able to comprehend it. For those kids that have autism without having had vaccines, there is an easy explanation for them as well. Try looking into the mothers mouth, and I bet you see some mercury fillings. The mercury from her mouth leaches into her body, and crosses the placenta with a direct hit to the baby inside. Or the mother just may have a high level of mercury from other factors such as fish, exposure to broken fluorescent light bulbs(which are everywhere) or other exposures to it that no one would ever think. Then if he is breast fed, he is eating mercury for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This stuff is a huge tragedy that has to stop right now. The writing is on the wall, wake up!!! The FDA and the CDC are asleep at the wheel, and its a national tragedy because of them. If mercury were a criminal, it would be the master of all, as it does its job without being seen. There is only one thing that needs to be said about this: Mercury is the second most toxic element on the planet, it sure makes a lot of sense to inject it into someones bloodstream. We humans are real brilliant!!!