February 11, 2006

Autism One Radio is Expanding

From Autism One:


is so much information available that is helpful to getting our children better
and improving their lives - information that they need NOW. Autism One Radio is
pleased to welcome new hosts who will share information important to our
children's health and welfare.

In February, Nicola McFadzean, ND will
begin helping parents with preconception health tips to break the cycle of
autism. Dennis Debbaudt will inform us how to keep our children safe and educate
first responders and others in the Autism Risk and Safety Show. Beth Clay's
Capitol Weather Report focuses on national legislation and policies affecting
the autism and disability communities with complementary discussions regarding
innovative treatments on the horizon. The show will bring interviews with
recognized experts and legislators and provide insights on effective advocacy.
Dr. Timothy Ray debuts with his experienced perspectives on detoxification.
Chantal Sicile-Kira is adding a program to reach listeners in France and other
French-speaking countries. And Emily Iland and her expert guests, alternating
programs in English and Spanish, will help you know what to expect at different
ages and stages and share ideas to meet the challenges. Learn about strategies,
programs and options for older elementary-aged children, teens and adults.
Create an informed plan for the future and feel ready for what lies ahead.

In March, look for the debut of faith-centered programming on Autism One
Radio with Jack & Rebecca Sytsema; Sound Effects with Dorrine Davis; Rhonda
Brunett's Unlocking the Door to Autism; Jane Casey addressing autism with diet -
including practical tips such as how to handle birthday parties - and
detoxification methods, such as infra-red saunas and HBOT; and Larry Kaplan, PhD
who will interview guests from across America on a wide variety of topics
relevant to autism, including biomedical and educational interventions, research
studies, and current events. Other upcoming programs will focus on: explanations
of scientific concepts and terminology from Dr. Lauren Underwood; neurofeedback,
with Dr. Betty Jarusiewicz and Bob Patterson; siblings' perspectives, with
Ashley and Dillan Bono; and nutritional intervention, with consultant Karen
Hubert of Total Health Coach. Also planned are: a new news program, Autism
Global Week in Review, and a multi-part series on the history of autism.

Thank you for tuning in to Autism One Radio.

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