June 24, 2005

None Of The Presidents Men

This week ABC News ran a news story on Robert F. Kennedy’s accusation of malfeasance in the CDC in regard to mercury containing vaccines. Oddly, they took the unusual approach of not even checking into the allegation, but rather just asking the CDC if they did anything wrong, and then taking them at their word.

It is in this spirit that I would like to present my new screen play. It is my interpretation of what Watergate might have been like had Bob Woodward worked for ABC News in the early 70's.


Open to interior of Oval Office:

Mr. Woodward: Thank you for meeting with me Mr. President. This guy Deep Throat told me that you knew about the break in at the Watergate Building.

Mr. Nixon: Nope. Sorry. Don’t know anything about it. Besides, studies show that Republicans don't commit B&Es.

Mr. Woodward: Ok. Thanks for your time.

Fade Out.

Roll Credits


Anonymous said...

oh my god! this is perfect! you are SO right on about it.

i am outraged by the whole thing. outraged. really. and i just spent sometime looking into the RhoGAM mercury dose and the high percentage of Rh negative mothers with kids on the spectrum--mothers like me.

Ginger Taylor said...

Yep Kyra, I am one of those moms too.