May 8, 2005

There are good people in the world

Volunteers Search For Pet Iguana By Land, Air
Autistic Boy, Family Heartbroken Over Missing Pet
POSTED: 12:48 pm PDT May 6, 2005
Channel 10 News, San Diego
IMPERIAL BEACH -- Dozens of volunteers are coming together to help the family of an autistic boy search for his lost iguana, 10News reported.

Steve Stutzka, 12, is heartbroken over his missing iguana, Fred Green.

The last time Fred Green was spotted was in the 1100 block of Ouden Lane in Imperial Beach.

As a sheriff's deputy, Mike Forbes knows how to find people. But Thursday night, he used his tracking skills for an unusual mission -- find Fred Green the iguana.

When Forbes heard Fred Green was missing, he volunteered to use his infrared-heat seeking camera to find the iguana.

Stutzka is best friends with Fred Green and has been searching for him for days.

While Forbes and Steve use their cameras on the ground, San Diego helicopter pilots hover above, using their infrared devices to search for Fred Green. Students from Mar Vista High School will be searching for Fred Green on Monday, as well as the sheriff's search and rescue team.

Steve and his parents told 10News they don't care who has the iguana, just bring him back, even anonymously.

If you have any information please call (619) 429-7319.

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