October 9, 2004

Chelation - Round Three

... I've got to believe it's getting better... Its getting better all the time....

We have finished round three and he continues to improve. This week was one of new achievements and more engagement. Yesterday he was in my husband's office and saw his baseball hat on the floor. He said "hat" and picked it up and put it on his dad's head. This turned into a fun game for him. Each time he put it on his dad's head, he would look him in the eye and wait for dad to put it back on his own head.

He is starting to use words more spontaneously. He was sitting on a bench that swings for several minutes while it was still. Someone started pushing it and he looked her in the eye and said, "swing". When he plays with his trains, he says, "choo, choo". He has added about 10 words to his vocabulary just in the last 5 days.

Today was exciting for me. I took him to occupational therapy. He is not crazy about the mini trampoline in there and his OT has to put him on it and bounce him up and down while he stands there with his knees locked, blank expression, waiting for it to be over so he can get off. Today he saw it and got right on it and started jumping up and down like a crazy person, laughing his head off, saying, "jump, jump, jump...." I started crying. It is so great to see him behaving like a two year old.

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