April 23, 2009

Jim Carrey on Vaccines: Movie Star Urges Moderation while Mainstream Medicine Preaches Excess

Has anyone noticed this odd phenomenon?

Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Over indulgent movie star raving about some extreme position while doctors caution to take one things step at a time until we have good information about what the wisest course is?

But instead, Jim is saying this over at HuffPo:

We have never argued that people shouldn't be immunized for the most serious threats including measles and polio, but surely there's a limit as to how many viruses and toxins can be introduced into the body of a small child. Veterinarians found out years ago that in many cases they were over-immunizing our pets, a syndrome they call Vaccinosis. It overwhelmed the immune system of the animals, causing myriad physical and neurological disorders. Sound familiar? If you can over-immunize a dog, is it so far out to assume that you can over-immunize a child? These forward thinking vets also decided to remove thimerosal from animal vaccines in 1992, and yet this substance, which is 49% mercury, is still in human vaccines. Don't our children deserve as much consideration as our pets?

While the medical establishment's chosen vaccine spokesperson, Dr. Paul Offit is saying this:

“A baby’s body is bombarded with immunologic challenges—from bacteria in food to the dust they breathe. Compared to what they typically encounter and manage during the day, vaccines are literally a drop in the ocean”, and Dr. Offits studies theoretically show an infant could handle up to 100,000 vaccines at one time … safely.

He spoke as if the only thing in a vaccine is the viruses. He makes vaccines, he knows that there is plenty more in there to cause problems.

When he first made this claim in 2005, I was sure it was a misquote, so I wrote to him and asked him for clarification. His response:

"The figure of 100,000 is correct, and probably a little conservative".

He was still repeating that ridiculous assertion as recently as last year.

I did the math. That is about 13 gallons of vaccine solution, several times the mass of actual said baby. Picture your baby sitting in front of 13 gallons of milk. Or picture your baby sitting in front of two and a half of those big 5 gallon bottles they use in your office water cooler.

Now which one of these two men, if you didn't know their professions, would you take vaccine advice from?

If America has a court jester it is Jim Carrey. When the jester takes off his funny hat and starts offering reasoned, middle of the road arguments, and the court doctor is telling us to throw caution to the wind and pushing to give babies five, seven and even nine meds at once (much less making comically criminal statements like suggesting it is safe to give a baby 100,000 doses of a pharmaceutical), it certainly must signal some sort of cosmic shift or polar reversal.

Everyone check their bathtubs and make sure that they are still draining clockwise.


Minority said...

Good one! And the insane comments coming at Jim from the pro-vaxers. They are like stuck records. Anyone remember stuck records? I'm showing my age via metaphor stasis.

Unknown said...

As a concerned loved one of a child with Autism, I encourage you to visit www.specterforthecure.com to see how together, we can unstrangle the cure and medical innovation with Sen. Arlen Specter’s help. His speech on Saturday was full of inspiration and hope.

Thank you, Nicole (Colorado)

Helen said...
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