March 17, 2009

Gardasil Takes Jenny Tetlock's Life

Many of us have been following Jenny Tetlock's case after she began getting sick following Gardasil more than a year ago.

To my knowledge, no one from the CDC or any other medical authority even checked into her case despite her family's very public appeals and widespread search for answers.

Jenny died yesterday.

Our sincerely condolences to her family. Honestly I am heartbroken for you.


tgam said...

This is such a sad and painful story. I think that the topic of the safety of vaccines and what rights/choices parents have is one of the great debates we have in this first part of the century. There are passionate cries from both sides of the fence. In my opinion, I think that the fastest way to a resolution is not look for a FOR or AGAINST standing, but to perhaps find a middle ground. Perhaps more regulations and testing. Spacing out of inoculations for children, etc. I would like to see us find a viable solution that keeps our children from being at risk of both AUTISM and other Developmental Disorders but yet keeps them (and society) from seeing a recurrence of these dangerous (and sometimes fatal) childhood illnesses that were all but wiped out in the last century.
What do you think?

Bridgett said...

Oh no. :( I hadn't heard.

Bad, bad news.

Thanks for letting us know.

flu shot damaged mom said...

I know it doesnt help much but I did forward her story to parents I know, and several are skipping Gardacil as a result. Maybe a little bit of good can come out of such a terrible tragedy.

flu shot damaged mom said...

I forwarded Jenny's story to my friends, and while I understand it does not ease the pain, at least 7 people are skipping Gardacil because of her story. Maybe something good can come from such a terrible tragedy.

ptphil said...

What an outrageous statement: "Gardasil Takes Jenny Tetlock's Life"
That makes me feel that my own daughter's ordeal with the very same illness was inconsequential.
My daughter was only 21, younger than most people have ALS, though Jenny was even younger. My daughter died one year before Jenny, and had the disease only 9 months. My daughter, Sarah Beth Adkins, did NOT take the Gardasil vaccine. But she doesn't matter to those who have made up their minds as to the cause and effect of things.

Ginger Taylor said...


I am not at all familiar with your daughter's story, or its relationship to Jenny's story, but I would very much like to learn.

Can you point me toward more information on her so I can understand why this post offends you?

It is not my intention, by any stretch, to be hurtful. I am sorry if this was some how upsetting to you.