September 25, 2007

America, Meet Your Unvaccinated Kids

The Rescue Post is calling your attention again to the first study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated children and their risk for disorders like Autism, ADHD, Asthma and the like. The study was released in June and ignored by the mainstream media.

Those of you who are here because you saw Jenny MCCarthy, our new autism spokes mom, on the tele should take a look at the survey.

If you vaccinated your son, they have a %155 higher chance of having a neurological disorder had you chosen not to vaccinate.

The question that we have been screaming at the CDC for years, and they will not answer, is this:

Are we trading curable communicable diseases for incurable neurological diseases by over vaccinating our children, and by not screening to see which children cannot tolerate vaccination.


Anonymous said...

Oh, interesting. So the CDC study has a problem in that it had a 30% response rate. But the GR survey gets a pass without criticism, even though its response was probably, at best, 20% in the vaccinated group (who knows what it was in the unvaccinated group); and the way the respondents were selected was heavily biased as the introduction explicitly said it was a survey about vaccination and children's health.

Ginger Taylor said...

The argument that was being made was that if there is a high drop out rate, it is likely that the families not participating are the ones whose children are sick and high maintenance.

A phone survey like GRs only asks a minimum output from a disabled family.

The CDC's required a good deal more from participants. More chance of sick kids dropping out.

(I have to confess that I am a study drop out mom. I was a psych student at one time and know how hard it is for people to get participants, so I signed up for one autism university study. All my good intentions did not prevent me from dropping out when I was overwhelmed with Chandler's care)

... and no one get a pass. Feel free to pick GRs apart if you wish.

Picking this stuff apart only serves to make the next study (if it is done honestly and earnestly) a better one.

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