July 20, 2008

Merck Clears Itself of Liability in Gardasil Injuries and Deaths

Merck has checked into things and believes it is not culpable in any of the health problems that are being reported by families of those using the product. So we can all go back to using it now. Even on our boys.

Merck is proud of Gardasil.

"Merck has analyzed the adverse events reported for GARDASIL relating to the recent reports of death and paralysis, and based on the data available to Merck, believes that no safety issue related to the vaccine has been identified."

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I just read this information this morning (as my teenage daughter is due for a sports physical tomorrow). I fully expect to be nagged and pressured at the doctor's office tomorrow regarding this issue. My daughter told me three of her friends had the vaccine last week... that makes me sick. I told her she's not getting it, but to be prepared for a debate with the staff. We'll see what happens.