September 9, 2010

Vaccines Don't CAUSE Autism, They Just RESULT in Autism

(looking at my stopwatch) aaaaaaaaand time!

Hannah Poling finally gets paid for her vaccine induced resulted autism.

So if a brilliant Johns Hopkins neurologist and his super smarty nurse/lawyer wife file a vaccine injury claim for their daughter, that is such a slam dunk case that the government does not even bother to fight it but concedes the case, they can expect to wait, let see... add the four, carry the three, divide by pain and suffering and... oh, thats not bad... ONLY ten years, one month and two weeks or so after the child is injured to be paid by the government. Yep! That is one compassionate program alright!

Mind you the Polings have been dragged through the mud, personally and professionally, for daring to file in the VICP and win to get money to help their daughter. Oh... and they also had the bad taste to tell people. In public even. Bastards.

But at least we have finally gotten a straight answer from the government on whether or not vaccines cause autism. Turns out that vaccines don't "cause" autism, they just "result" in autism. From CBS News:

In acknowledging Hannah's injuries, the government said vaccines aggravated an unknown mitochondrial disorder Hannah had which didn't "cause" her autism, but "resulted" in it.

THANK GOD! Parents, you can go back to blindly trusting their government. All your questions and concerns about the safety of the vaccine program have been asked and answered with the utmost integrity and with thorough thoroughness.

Sleep in peace citizens. All is well.

Government heath care is awesome.  More government health care please.

(And I hope Hannah fully recovers and buys a Ferrari with whatever is left of her 1.5 mil)


I thought I might include this email from David Bowman at HRSA. He sent it to David Kirby last year in response to an inquiry.

From: Bowman, David (HRSA) []
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 5:22 PM
To: ''
Subject: HRSA Statement


In response to your most recent inquiry, HRSA has the following

The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to
compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually
caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children
exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy
may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms
including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.

Some children who have been compensated for vaccine injuries may have
shown signs of autism before the decision to compensate, or may
ultimately end up with autism or autistic symptoms, but we do not track
cases on this basis.


David Bowman
Office of Communications
Health Resources and Services Administration

So again... vaccines cause encephalopathy which progresses into autism, but vaccines don't cause autism. And by the way, HHS does not track whether or not vaccines cause autism, they just pay attention to cases where vaccines cause encephalopathy. Then they stick their fingers in their ears and yell "la la la, I'm not listing", when parents come back a month later and say their child has been diagnosed with autism.

Why does anyone take vaccine advice from these people? Why did I?

Nostalga Update:

Oh alright... one more time just for fun.

And for those of you who would like to reminise more about the absurdity of the governments position on the Poling decision: Spinning the Hannah Poling Case

HOLY CRAP UPDATE: Hannah is not getting 1.5 mil, she is getting around 20 million dollars!

CBS has updated their post to read:

"The first court award in a vaccine-autism claim is a big one. CBS News has learned the family of Hannah Poling will receive more than $1.5 million dollars for her life care; lost earnings; and pain and suffering for the first year alone.

In addition to the first year, the family will receive more than $500,000 per year to pay for Hannah's care. Those familiar with the case believe the compensation could easily amount to $20 million over the child's lifetime".

The government is paying Hannah Poling 20 million dollars for a vaccine injury that the same government claims does not exist.

I am speechless.


K Fuller said...

Several weeks ago we listened to the news talkers pontificate regarding the Cedillo case...Proof once and for all, that vaccines do not cause Autism. How do we make them revisit this?

Autism Mom Rising said...

"but we do not track
cases on this basis."

Well why the hell not? If they want to restore faith in the vaccine program it seems to me that's the FIRST thing they should do, the second would be to start studying these individuals to learn what could have made them genetically vulnerable.

M. Christensen said...

It all just makes me crazy.

Jim said...

$20 million - at 1/2 million per year (more or less - is that corrected for inflation?)

So, given that she is about 10 now, if the $20 million is a government estimate, they are assuming Hannah will live another 40 years, to be 50.

If the biomed does she's getting now works.. What's the chance that she will live past 50? I think pretty good - as long as she doesn't get a flu shot that overloads her immune system, causes a de-myelinating disease (heaven forbid someone ever try to give her a Gardasil shot), or something else.. Which as long as she is in biomed care - or after whenever the "last shoe" drops about vaccines.. She won't.

I think the government is going to end up paying out more than $20 million.

Ginger Taylor said...

The 20 million is a CBS estimate. It doesn't say 20 mill in the paperwork, it is apparently 500,000 per year for life.

But you need to remember, first, that our kids don't have the same life span expectations because of accidents and seizures, and second, that Hannah is a seizure kid.

I have a dear friend, Harry Tembenis, whose child was nearly recovered from autism when his seizures killed him.


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