July 30, 2008

The Passing of Dr. Frank Engley

From Linda Weinmaster:
It is with deep sadness that I inform the autism community that we have lost another hero. Dr. Frank Engley passed away last night. It is no exaggeration to say that Dr.Engley was the very first scientist to raise the alarm of the dangers of thimerosal with his landmark paper.  This last year infused him with a sense of purpose and determination to alert the world that the use of thimerosal must be stopped. He was deeply saddened that the FDA never followed through with his recommendations on eliminating thimerosal from all human biologicals. It was my honor and privilege to know this incredible man.  I will miss his brilliance and sense of humor.  You are my hero Dr. Engley. 
Linda Weinmaster
Vice President
No Mercury
Trustee; Alan D. Clark Research Foundation 
From Anne Dachel:
The efforts of Dr. Engley to prevent this disaster will be a lasting
tribute to him.  We need to remind the public of his early findings:

"Doctor Frank Engley a researcher and microbiologist who served on boards with the Centers for Disease Control, the FDA, and EPA throughout the 70s and 80s.

"I am afraid they have a tremendous amount of pressure being brought to bear by the medical profession, by the pediatricians, by congress, and by industry, and so they are under pressure&and someday they will have to live with the fact with what they said is wrong," Dr. Frank Engley.

Dr. Engley says the FDA knew about the dangers of thimerosal back in the 70s and 80s, when he served on its boards.

"Industries did not comment. They thought it was just generally going away. And it practically did. They came out with another report. The FDA about eight years later, and about 1998." Dr. Engley said.

"I would say to you, the FDA is partly to blame for the mecuricals still being on the market all that length of time. If they would have followed through with our 1982 report, vaccines would have been freed of thimerosal and all this autism as they tell me would not have occurred. But as it is, it all occurred," said Dr. Engley."

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bestonline323 said...

The Combating Autism from Within series will ensure that Dr. Engley's efforts have a lasting effect. They expose the lie that officials had no warning of the potential for harm because of mercury exposure. In one place I found this quote from Dr. Engley, "These people are being forced to say something sometimes they really don't believe. But they are having to say it. I am not sure I can live long enough to see a lot of that taken away from them. I can only hope."

Dr. Engley may not have seen the truth officially recognized in his lifetime, but it's coming. There are too many voices out there all saying the same thing. There is an epidemic number of disabled children who can't be explained away. The tired old claims from the CDC and medical organizations are falling on deaf ears. The public is going to be left with a welfare disaster when it comes time to support a generation of adults with autism who aren't there now. They will demand to know the truth about what happened and Dr. Engley gave us that truth.