July 7, 2008

CNN: 8,000 Gardasil Adverse Reaction Repots and Climbing

... but Merck says, 'Don't worry... it is probably just a coincidence'.

CBS does a story on Jenny: HPV Vaccine Linked To Teen's Paralysis?

Interestingly, Jenny's dad blogged about the story and said that it is a bit too weighted toward the theory that the vaccine as the cause of her illness.  Or at least more so than the family believes may be the case.

I think that is interesting, not that the media 'put their finger on the sale' per se.  They do that all the time.  But this is the first time I have seen them do it in the direction of vaccines causing injury, and not vaccines being safe.

Now I am not for inaccurate reporting in any sense.  We are in this mess because the media has not been giving us the whole picture.  But it hints that the tide is turning in the media.

Merck, CDC, AAP et. al. may have overplayed their hand with Gardasil.  It is much easier to deny vaccine injury in an infant who has only a short medical history and can be declared to have an as of yet unknown 'genetic' abnormality that was had just coincidently shown itself after the vaccination, and who can't say, "Mom... I can't feel my legs", than it is in a thriving 16 year old.

UPDATE:  Looks like I might be right about that 'harder to hide vaccine injury theory'.  Gardsil's slowing sales lead to a drop in their stock price today.   Parents are cluing in.

BOSTON (MarketWatch) -- Merck & Co. shares fell sharply Monday

LAST UPDATE:  I am gonna stop updating this as there is so much media coverage on it now, you have probably seen this stuff already.  AOA has a good overview.

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Just Zazen said...

Not sure if you saw this but here's an interesting blog entry that's related to the conflict of interests that various Drs. have.