March 30, 2008

Ken Stoller Files Complaint Against Anne Schuchat

Dr. Kenneth Stoller has filed a complaint with the CDC over Dr. Anne Schuchat's response to David Kirby's piece in the AJC.

The CDC has two months to reply. I will let you know what they say:

Requestor Information
Last Name: Stoller
First Name: Kenneth

Organizational Affiliation:

Best Way to Contact Requestor: E-Mail
E-Mail Address:
Daytime Phone Number:
Address: 404 Brunn School Rd #D Santa Fe, NM 87505
Type of Disseminated Information: Other

Other Information:
Vaccines' benefits outweigh dangers Autism claim shouldn't deter parents By ANNE SCHUCHAT

Request Information

Description of Information:

"the best science indicates that there is no association between vaccines and autism. As part of our efforts to foster understanding of autism."

Specific Reason(s) why Information does not Comply with OMB, HHS or CDC Guidelines:

The best science is not what the CDC relies on to make the above statement and this is a complete misrepresentation of the truth in this matter. As I have pointed out before, there had been no epidemiological study in the USA between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated populations. The supposed "best science" quoted by the CDC and now Dr.SCHUCHAT as showing no connection between vaccines with thimerosal and autism were funded by the CDC, done by non-USA citizens, mostly done in Europe by individuals involved in producing thimerosal containing vaccines and on populations where the autism rate was more than 13 times less than in the USA. Interestingly, three of the epidemiological studies most quoted by pediatricians as proving thimerosal safety actually showed that thimerosal removal lead to an increase in autism, in one this increase was about 20 fold. To report that decreasing exposure to a potent neurotoxin like thimerosal decreased any specific neurological disease is ridiculous. Perhaps this is why the countries where the data was collected (Denmark, Sweden, England) and the reports filed have not followed the conclusion of the authors and still maintain thimerosal removal from pediatric vaccines. Only the CDC gives any scientific credence to the obviously low quality epidemiological studies done by these Danish, Swedish and English researchers who had obvious vested interests in the outcome.

Requestor's Recommendation for Correction:

The constant mantra of the "best science" does not show a connection without any consideration being taken for know toxicity issues, known (as in the scientific literature showing various heavy metals cause mitochondrial dysfunction) must stop if there is to be anything left of the vaccine program in a few short years. Then, implement a non CDC controlled study of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated populations - this represents straight-forward scientific logic. The fact that the major medical agencies and associations refuse to do this and insist on spending millions on genetic research suggests a force is working hard to prevent such a study----perhaps because the answer is already know (Simpsonwood CDC meeting June 2000). A reliable USA located academic institution needs to be assigned the task to evaluate the vaccinated versus non-vaccinated populations. The recent report from Mannitoba, Canada on an approximate 5% versus 16% asthma rate on adolescents receiving thimerosal containing DPT at 4 months versus 2 months of age, respectively, tells us that there is a lot about the various aspects of the mandated vaccine program that science does not understand at this time. A comprehensive study of the vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated followed by the design of global monitoring of identified "vaccine risk factors" would provide the basis of implementing a much safer vaccine program.

How Were You (the requestor) Affected by the Information?

I am a pediatrician and misinformation about the vaccine program and vaccine safety by the CDC affects me directly.

HT: Heather King

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