March 25, 2008

CFL Mercury Light Bulbs or Landfills Full of Mercury

To quote Will Ferrell from Zoolander... I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

So we are protecting the environment by loading it up with the most toxic non-radioactive substance on earth while telling pregnant women not to eat fish because of all the mercury in them.

And what is this, "we will all have to use CFL's by 2016"? Over my dead body will one of those things come into my home (where stuff gets broken every day because I have an autistic son who is full of mercury.)


Anonymous said...

Why can't they just make them without mercury? Duh?

And what about the NBC cameraman who was exposed to the intentionally dropped CFL?

Mark said...

My UK power company sent me 6 of these toxic things through the regular post in a unsealed cardboard box. I'd rather sit in the dark.

Penny said...

I am going to store up on oil burning lamps and lamp oil.