March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Mainers!

A welcome to my fellow statesmen who are visiting for the first time after reading their local news paper! Come on in and take a look around. Drop me an email and say hi!

While you are here, let me invite you to join me and lots of other autism families on April 18th at the Falmouth Memorial Library at 5 Lunt Road in Falmouth, Maine from 7:00-9:00PM for the World Premier Screening of "Autism Yesterday". See the stories of children who have recovered from autism via the biomedical intervention that is working so well for my son Chandler (he has not recovered yet, but he is halfway home to us!).

I understand that four autism doctors will be on hand, so if you ever wanted to investigate ways to improve your autistic child's health and functioning, (or just meet other families that are) this is the chance. For more information contact: Laura Plourde: 829-3474 or

Check out the trailer:

This week, check back in, I will be posting lots of recovery stories and updating everyone on how Chandler is progressing during chelation (hint: great!)

Thanks for visiting!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger,
Imagine my excitement when I turned to page 2 of the Kennebec Journal and saw a local story about autism! I look foward to reading more about your family and your journey down the bio-med route. I have a son, 9 years old next month, who has autism and Down syndrome, the double whammy! We are exactly 1 month gluten-free today and seeing great results with that. I'm so glad the newspaper pointed me to your blog, I wasn't aware of the gathering next month or the new movie for that matter. Thanks!
Jayne Hickey

Ginger Taylor said...

Well Hello Jayne Hickey!

And props to you for being a functional mom to double whammies! I am getting but butt kicked by having just one whammy.

So happy that you are seeing results getting the gluten out. It was huge for Chandler when we got gluten and casein out of him.

If you have not gotten on the yahoo lists yet, you gotta... there is so much help to be gotten from all the other mom's that are doing what we are doing.

Start here:

Talk to Laura Plourde on that board about the biomed support groups in Maine... there are two, one in Portland and the other in Bangor? I think?

Anyway... welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a mom of an autistic son and have really enjoyed following your blog the past few weeks. Can you post the code to embed that trailer so that I can keep passing it around online via my own blog and elsewhere?

Thanks for all you're doing!