July 19, 2004

The Sensory Learning Center

So I was at a conference in April and heard a woman speak about her treatment center for people with Sensory Integration Disorders which was located in Boulder, Co. It sounded like something Chandler could benefit from, and they was a new center opening near San Diego, so we have decided to give it a go.

I won't go into describing the treatment, but you can find all about it here:

The recommend keeping a journal while going through the treatment so that you can see progress, etc. I wanna make mine public so other parents can get this parent's view on the worthwhileness of the program. It is expensive, $2,550 for a 30 day program ( 12 days at the center and then an 18 day follow up at home) but we have decided it is worth the risk.

So check back to see how Chandler progresses in evaluating yet another potential treatment for the child that you love.


eternity said...

How did it work? My library system has been approached by these folks who want to do a 'program' (sounds more like a commercial) and I am trying to find some information on whether or not their system works.


Ginger Taylor said...

It did work for Chandler. I kept a daily journal and the last day and review can be found here.

I have one other good friend who did it for her PDD son and had good results and have heard mixed results from others.

ABC News online is going to be doing an article about it next month.

I would invite them in and hear the presentation. I think it is one of these things that does not work for everyone, but will help some.

Eric said...

This is a warning to all parents. I am an occupational therapist and I work extensively with children with sensory processing disorder/sensory integration disorder and other sensory based issues. I have worked in this area for 4 years and have read extensive research on sensory integration in published medical journals This program is very concerning to me. I had recently met with a gentleman who does this program and he was unable to answer basic questions related to the science behind this program. He was unable to supply me with any research on this approach and I have looked for research on Mary Bolles websites and in medical journals. I have found no research on this program. This does not mean that the results parents see are not valid. My concern is that

Eric said...

they use the same program for every child. Every kid is different, and every child processes sensory information differently, using the same protocol for input is not an effective treatment. Also, their diagrams of how the brain processing sensory information is false. They show vestibular input (which only comes from the semicircular canals and utricles in the ear) coming up the brain stem. I know not everyone understands what I am saying, but just know they doesn't even seem to understand how sensory information is processed. Don't believe me, check with your pediatrician on how the brain processes this information. Also, when talking with the doctor doing this program he was unable to answer the basic neurology questions of how they affect the sensory systems and how information is processed. The creator of this program, Mary Bolles, does not even have a medical degree in a related field. I suggest you look very close at this program before you try it. They have no research on this program, they can't answer basic questions on how it works and I believe they are taking advantage of people who need help. Talk extensively with your pediatrician and ask the people at this program for research. Every other medical field has research on what they do and why it works, they don't. Please be cautious