July 31, 2004

Day Eleven

So one of the things that they tell you to look for is a shift in affect. Chandler has generally been a happier guy in the last week. I mentioned last week that every day seemed like one of his best days from before we came. now I can honestly say that each day this week has been better than any of his best days.

When we first got here, Chandler had a melt down one night when I was trying to feed him. Danielle was really sweet about it and later gave me one of those, 'wow, I didn't know you had it that bad, you're doing great' talks. That was a week and a half ago or so, and I just realized that was the last time he really freaked out about any thing.

One of the staff members, Marvin, who has worked with Chandler the most since we have been here, was helping me put the car seat in the car and once it was in, we both thought we heard Chandler say "sit down" twice as he was climbing into his chair. If that is what it was, that would be the first new word he has used since we have been here, and in even in the last several weeks/months.

He hastried some new foods this week too. I have not been able to get him to eat apples (or any other fruit than bananas) now in the morning he askes for apple and has eaten peaches and kiwi.

But the biggest thing for me today was that he was playing with me a little differently tonight before bed time. Huge eye contact and he was really kinda flirting with me. It was so freakin' cute.

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