July 26, 2004

Day Seven

So today was a big day for talking. This morning when Chandler was on the table, after the green light had been on for a minute or two, he turned to me and said “BooBah” in the exact tonality of the opening of the show. He had watched Boobah this morning for perhaps the second or third time in his life and has never mentioned it to us before this morning.

Later that day we went to the mall so I could let him run free and explore for a while. When we passed by the pet store, I took him to the birdcage and he was fascinated. I repeated “bird” for him a few times, and then he said it on his own. He has said it before, but I have only heard it from him once.

He is babbling a lot more these days. He will just sit in his car seat and babble in his sing song way. He is also making some different sounds than the usual repertoire he goes with.

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