July 23, 2004

Day Three

So he does not protest at all once he is on the table. Still have to hold the ear phone away from his head though. He was falling asleep in the afternoon session and we had to pull out the toys and do a lot of tickling to get him to keep looking at the light.

He is also making better eye contact with me and seems to be understanding me better, but my feeling about that is pretty subjective and I don’t have any good examples to back that up.

I have to mention the staff again. They really try to make things easy on us. If I am late, or early, they don’t care. “Just let me know when you are ready to start” is what I get no matter when we arrive. I have stopped apologizing for my kids when they are not being so pleasant because they are clearly not ruffled at all by it. And one of the really nice things is that they will watch the kids for a few minutes while I take a bathroom break or just stand quietly for a minute in another room to gather myself. Being single mom down here is really stressful. I am ALWAYS with the boys. It is so nice to get 5 minutes to myself to take a breather before loading them into the car for the next adventure.

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