July 21, 2004

Day One

So last night and all day today Chandler has been letting me change his diaper. Just laying there and letting me change it. Usually it is the mother of all wrestling matches accompanied by Chandler screaming his head off and mommy pulling a muscle. If this sticks than I think it will be worth all the time and the money.

Each session today he started out crying, but calmed down quicker each time. The second session he only cried for about 2 minutes and although he will not let them put the headphones on, he will tolerate them holding the earpiece a few inches away from his right ear. He pushes it away occasionally, but a few times he leaned his head up against it to hear the music better.

Today he also made eye contact with my girlfriend Danielle for the first time ever. She was lying on the couch and watching him. He stopped and stared at her for a moment and then smiled back at her. She said that he ran over to her and just looked and smiled at her. Apparently the whole thing lasted about 25 seconds.

We are staying with Danielle and her husband Lars, and their two sons Soren 3.5 and Kai 18 months. Both boys have tried to engage him but he does not respond. It will be a good test to see if he starts to notice them while we are here.

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About Nancy said...

I just found your website and your story brings me back to when our daughter was born. I have not read through all of your blog, but see you are quite active with regards to Autism. I look forward to visiting the rest of your blog.