July 31, 2004

Day Twelve

Today is the last day that Chandler will spend at the center. I am eager to go home and see how Chan is in his natural habitat. I have wanted to comment that he is better with transitions, but I don't think I can really report that until he is back at home. He indeed has been really good in transitioning between things here, but he is on such a predictable schedule here (wake up, eat, play, get dressed, go to appointment, come home, eat lunch, play, go to appointment, come home, eat dinner, play, bath , bed) that he has not really been challenged with the unexpected at all.

This morning he and Kai were playing in the same room, and Chandler looked at him for the first time. Kai didn't see him do it, so there was no eye contact, but for about 10 seconds, Chan was watching what Kai was doing. I am gonna be watching those two like a hawk today to see if they actually have any interactions.

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