December 17, 2008

FDA Officially Jumps The Shark, Tells Pregnant Women To Eat Mercury Laden Fish

From the "How stupid do they think we are" department....

WaPo: FDA Draft Report Urges Consumption of Fish, Despite Mercury Contamination.

They will soon claim that the benefits of the omega 3s found in fish are worth the mercury poisoning.

Apparently they have not heard that you can get cheated fish oil in a little pill which gives pregnant women all the bennies of fish oil with out all the brain damagie effects of mercury.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in his comments last summer at the Green our Vaccines rally talked about the phenomenon of agencies being captured by the industries that they are supposed to be regulating. I think that once we find out exactly how this report came to be, this will turn out to be a huge, glaring example of this destructive trend. I will be surprised if we don't find Big Tuna's fin prints all over this thing.

FDA Draft Report Urges Consumption of Fish, Despite Mercury Contamination
By Lyndsey Layton
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, December 12, 2008; Page A07

The Food and Drug Administration is urging the government to amend its advisory that women and children should limit how much fish they eat, saying that the benefits of seafood outweigh the health risks and that most people should eat more fish, even if it contains mercury.

If approved by the White House, the FDA's position would reverse the government's current policy that certain groups -- women of childbearing years, pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants and children -- can be harmed by the mercury in fish and should limit their consumption.

The FDA's recommendations have alarmed scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency, who in internal memos criticized them as "scientifically flawed and inadequate" and said they fell short of the "scientific rigor routinely demonstrated by EPA."

The FDA sent its draft report, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post, to the White House Office of Management and Budget as part of the FDA's effort to update the existing health advisory. The report argued that nutrients in fish, including omega-3 fatty acids, selenium and other minerals could boost a child's IQ by three points.

The greatest benefits, the FDA report said, would come from eating more than 12 ounces of fish a week, which is the current limit advised for pregnant women, women of childbearing age, nursing mothers and young children.

FDA spokesman Michael Herndon declined to discuss the draft report. "As a science-based regulatory agency we periodically and routinely review and analyze scientific evidence about health effects of FDA-regulated products," he wrote in an e-mail. "We do not comment on draft reports that are undergoing internal review."

Benjamin H. Grumbles, the EPA's assistant administrator for water, said, "EPA is working closely with other agencies in the scientific review of this report to better understand the risks and benefits of fish consumption."

The FDA and the EPA both play a role in protecting the public from mercury contamination. The EPA investigates and regulates mercury and other contaminants in recreationally caught fish, while the FDA regulates mercury in seafood sold in markets and restaurants. States rely on the federal agencies in issuing their own advisories.

In 2004, the two agencies issued their first joint advisory, suggesting that women of childbearing age, pregnant women, nursing mothers, infants and children stop eating four species of fish considered especially high in mercury: swordfish, shark, tilefish and king mackerel. At the same time, the government advised limiting consumption of other mercury-contaminated fish.

Mercury can damage the neurological development of fetuses and infants. Recent studies have suggested that mercury may also pose a health risk for adults, including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The two agencies are supposed to work together to regularly review the advisory, but EPA sources said the FDA went ahead with its own proposal earlier this year, not consulting the EPA until the document was nearly finished.

The Environmental Working Group, an advocacy organization, wrote yesterday to EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson and urged him to fight the FDA's recommendations.

"This is an astonishing, irresponsible document," said Richard Wiles, the environmental group's executive director. "It's a commentary on how low FDA has sunk as an agency. It was once a fierce protector of America's health, and now it's nothing more than a patsy for polluters."

Kathryn Mahaffey, who was the EPA's top mercury scientist until she left the agency in August to become a lecturer at George Washington University School of Public Health, said the FDA used an "oversimplified approach" that could increase the public's exposure to mercury.

But Gavin Gibbons, a spokesman for the National Fisheries Institute, applauded the FDA's efforts. "This is a science-based approach," he said. "And you start to see a picture emerge that shows the clear benefits of eating seafood outweigh the risks of a trace amount of mercury in fish."


Giving Love Encounters said...

I received an email from EWG on this.
What an outrage.

I have followed your blog for some time. I am de-lurking. ;)

We vaccinated our first 2 children (and hated it) but have not vaccinated our next 2. I am pregnant with #5. I know there are good reasons to vaccinate but I do not trust much of the information the CDC gives us. For that reason and others, we are "delaying" for now.

I am the oldest of 6 children and we were not vaccinated until we were teenagers and traveled abroad. We are educated, productive and healthy members of society. My parents were progressive and very "green" for their time.

I wanted to officially "de-lurk" and thank you for all your work with autism, vaccines and more.

May you be blessed.
Midwest, U.S.

Unknown said...

Food and diet are cutting edge issues in politics and children's health? Six months ago I never would have believed it, so asleep was I.
FDA Keen To Appease Food Industry Before Bush Term Expires
December 29, 2008