December 13, 2008

Christmas Cards for the Kirton Kids!

Many of you know the Kirton family from their many media appearances. All six of their children have been diagnosed with some form of ASD.

Well John has asked for a Christmas Present for his kids...


So send one or two or all six of the little nippers a card this week.

Their names are Bobbie (14), Emma (9), Nephi (8), Sarah (6), Ammon (4), Mary (3).

Write to them at:
The Kirton's
6905 South 1300 East Box 321
Midvale, Utah 84047

Keep in mind, they are Mormon, so no need for bland, PC "Holiday" Cards if you are worried about offending.

And you might wanna consider throwing a few bucks in the card. They have six kids with autism for petes sake.

1 comment:

Dadof6Autistickids said...


I was looking at your blog, like I do ever so often, and what do I find? This post.

Thanks for the promotion. But, the cash isn't necessary. Thanks for the thought.