December 11, 2008

Autism Speaks Hearts Paul Offit

... and Katie Wright, whose son the foundation was created for, is the one spilling the beans.

Time for AS to either change the guard or close their doors.

Anyone up for picketing in front of #2 Park Avenue? Because this is just getting sickening.

A Message to Autism Speaks' Singer and Shih: ENOUGH ALREADY!


James Reed said...

This is disgusting. No one in their right mind should donate money to AS ever again. I feel betrayed by these sycophants.

Unknown said...

How much money was raised online during the last presidential campaign?

CNN is laying off its science staff, NPR cancelled Day to Day due to a $5 million dollar shortfall... unemployed science journalists abound.

How about creating an autism oriented news site and program similar to DemocracyNow which broadcasts live online between 8-9 daily (with full video archives).
Host Amy Goodman was awarded the alternate Nobel Prize last week.

Unknown said...



December 08, 2008

The Right Livelihood Award: A Look at Sweden’s “Alternative Nobel”

Democracy Now! broadcasts from Stockholm, Sweden, where Amy Goodman is joining three remarkable women from around the world to receive the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize. The three women are Asha Hagi Elmi, co-founder of Save Somali Women and Children; Krishnammal Jagannathan, an 82-year-old activist from southern India; and Monika Hauser, a gynecologist and founder of “medica mondiale.” We speak with the founder of the Right Livelihood Award, Jakob von Uexkull. [includes rush transcript]

Ginger Taylor said...

Great Idea Gina.

Age of Autism is the closest thing we have to that now.

It really should be morphing into a news portal, but as of yet I don't know that they have the resources.