November 19, 2008

We Are All Somali!

In the past few months it has come to the attention of our community, via David Kirby's tenacious investigating, that the autism rate in the Somali community in Minneapolis looks to be 1 in 28.

Read that again.

The 1 in 28 Somali children in that community look to have autism.

I say "look to", because the Minnesota Department of Health's Judy Punyko, who collected the data from the school system in August order to confirm this number, and was supposed to have a report on Nov 15th, says they will need four more months to run the numbers.


They have had time to run those numbers 8 ways to Sunday by now.

I would bet my house that they know that they have found an autism cluster that is on fire, and like the shenanigans in the Verstraeten study, they are inventing new math to try to hide the true incidence of autism in the Somali community.

Last weekend the Minnesota Department of Public Health held a PR party with the Somali community to assure them that they were hard at work on the problem, offered them no answers, and assured it was not the vaccines.

Totally Disgusting.

These people have been through hell and back, finally land in the Land of Promise, their kids get sick in obscene numbers, but the state government obfuscates and stalls and the federal government is no where to be found.

That is right... CDC has not even shown up in Minneapolis.

If there was ever a doubt that the Centers for Disease Control did not give a flying fig tree about autism, the fact that an autism cluster with a 1 IN 28 ratio does not even warrant a look, then it should be wiped away with this DISGUSTING inaction by Julie "Let them eat cake" Gerberding.


I have not been so angry in a long time. These Somali-Americans and their children deserve better.

So I say today, WE ARE ALL SOMALI!

Idil, Abdulkadir and Hodan... we got your back.

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Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Same old CDC. Do they think these parents are stupid because they are not native born American? They are sadly mistaken. These brave Somali's have risked everything to come to America - only to have their children plunged into autism? It's unthinkable. And you and I and countless others will not let their stories go unheard. They are already masters at setting the wheels in motion - we can only help set the car downhill - not let's see who gets run over. It will not be our children - again.

nhokkanen said...

The smiling ladies at the Minnesota Department of Health think they can offer food and flyers and services and false statistics to the Somalis, and this will all be over.

Not a chance.

Jill said...

I hold on to my tears in general, but this made me shed a few. Thank you for your anger and frustration. Thank you for this information. I will pass it on.