November 21, 2008

Offit: "Vaccines are Safer than Vitamins".

First off, kudos to Lisa Green for actually researching an article on vaccine controversy and not just recycling the same pablum.

It is difficult to understand why anyone listens to Paul Offit's opinions on vaccine safety. Yet another irresponsible statement from him:

"I see myself as a champion of children. That's why I went into pediatrics," Offit said.

He knows parents dislike seeing children get painful shots.

"What really upsets people is that their child is pinned down and injected with a biological agent that they don't really understand," Offit said. "But in many ways, they're safer than vitamins."

The article does not elaborate on how toxic substances like mercury and aluminum are less dangerous to humans than the vitamins that the body actually needs to function properly.

I can't imagine what kind of narcissistic delusion I would have to descend into in order to call myself a "Champion of Children". If you ever hear me calling myself a "Paragon of Pediatrics" or a "Liberator of Little Ones", please slap me.

UPDATE: Best email response I got to this headline:

"Then why don't we have a Vitamin Injury Compensation Program?"


In 2008 the number of people who died from vitamin overdose was zero.


Anonymous said...

The guy sure is full of himself, ain't he?

Speaking of Vitamins, Vitamin B-6 has done wonders for my daughter. Her prolonged, half-hour, inconsolable tantrums for no reason that she had had for as long as I can remember literally quit forever the day I started her on B-6. There was NO way it was placebo. I hope we get the same results from Methyl B-12.

I've added you to my blogroll, BTW. I have a five-year-old autistic daughter who I began doing biomedical with this summer. I also have four other neurotypical children.

My blog here:

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Well sure - in many ways they are. You can't OD on a vaccine unless your doc gives you oh, 7 or 8 on a day like at your 4 month check up. The public doesn't have access to vaccines as they are not OTC - yet. He's parsing words. Vaccines are safer than water too -you can't drown in a vaccine.

nhokkanen said...

Paul Offit of CHOP is a "champion of children."

Gregory Poland of the Mayo Clinic is a "vaccine warrior."

Narcissism -- exactly. Nauseating.

The doors of their minds are wedged closed by their overflowing egos.

Unknown said...

Everyday that goes by I amazed that he is the spokesperson for the establishment. Is it me or does he just have a demeanor and presentation that does not build confidence in what he is talking about. He scares me.

Minority said...

safer than vitamins?

well, I'll just rush right out and get a flu vaccine now that G*d has spoken from on high and cast a bright light on the truth. Does he really think parents are going to believe statements like that?