November 19, 2008

Senator Tom Daschle to Head HHS

...and this may be good for our kids.

Daschle fought the Eli Lilly rider in the Homeland Security Bill and fought the anthrax vaccine that was harming military personnel.

From David Kirby's HuffPo piece today:

By nominating Tom Daschle to head up the agency, President Elect Obama has selected a man who has demonstrated an unflinching willingness to question vaccine safety, and to fight for the rights of those people who believe they have been, or may be, seriously injured by certain vaccinations.

Senator Daschle is not anti-vaccine, but his record shows his willingness to question - and even oppose - vaccine makers and big pharmaceutical interests when it comes to protecting the rights of American medical consumers.

Certainly this is better than the guy that is running HHS now. Whose name I can barely remember because the only time his name comes up in articles on autism is when he is rumored to be telling friends in the church parking lot that HHS knows that the epidemic is due to the vaccines.

Is it Michael something...

Perhaps he is so forgettable to me is because our kids are so forgettable to him.

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Chrissy said...

Great post! Now I have a bit of cautious optimism regarding how our government will handle autism and related issues. It's been a long time since I had any hope on that front.