November 23, 2008

Hep B Vaccine is Associated with a 9 Fold Developmental Disability Rate

Boys getting the recommended 3 Hep B shots, while the vaccines still contained Thimerosal, were NINE TIMES more likely to have a developmental disability than unvaccinated boys.

Finally... someone actually did a vaccinated v. unvaccinated study.

After Chandler was diagnosed, I printed out the Engerix B vaccine package insert, which I believed to be most significantly responsible for his autistic regression at 18 months and took it into my pediatrician.  My main question, "If the vaccine is known to cause Gilliam-Barre, a disorder in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system, then why couldn't it cause autism, a disorder in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system?"

He wouldn't take the highlighted print out from me and he didn't answer the question. He did remind me that vaccines were not associated with autism.

I will be sending this to him this week, as I am sure the American Academy of Pediatrics International Pediatricians Union won't be bringing this to his attention:

Hepatitis B triple series vaccine and developmental disability in US children aged 1-9 years

Authors: Carolyn Gallagher a; Melody Goodman a
Affiliation:   a Graduate Program in Public Health, Stony Brook University Medical Center, Health Sciences Center, New York, USA
DOI: 10.1080/02772240701806501
Publication Frequency: 8 issues per year
Published in: journal Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, Volume 90, Issue 5 September 2008 , pages 997 - 1008


This study investigated the association between vaccination with the Hepatitis B triple series vaccine prior to 2000 and developmental disability in children aged 1-9 years (n = 1824), proxied by parental report that their child receives early intervention or special education services (EIS). National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2000 data were analyzed and adjusted for survey design by Taylor Linearization using SAS version 9.1 software, with SAS callable SUDAAN version 9.0.1. The odds of receiving EIS were approximately nine times as great for vaccinated boys (n = 46) as for unvaccinated boys (n = 7), after adjustment for confounders. This study found statistically significant evidence to suggest that boys in United States who were vaccinated with the triple series Hepatitis B vaccine, during the time period in which vaccines were manufactured with thimerosal, were more susceptible to developmental disability than were unvaccinated boys.
Keywords: early intervention; special education services; developmental disability; Hepatitis B vaccine triple series

Even though he was born in 2002, His first Hep B Shot contained thimerosal, which is known to cause mitochondrial dysfunction, which HHS has conceded become autism when multiple vaccines are later administered.

I would like to see this study repeated with children born since 2003 who received, "Thimerosal Free" Hep B shots. Was it the thimerosal or the aluminum or the shot itself.

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roxtarc said...

Thanks, I will again be asking (for the 3rd) that our ped give us a titer before we do another hep b (i've gotten "well a titers before 15 months isnt very accurate" & "well a titers isnt always accurate for that" in response to my prior requests)... so next time he's ready to tell me why i should just do the shot not the titers... i'll give him a copy of this study to put in my sons file....