November 26, 2005

What I Am Thankful For

For my beautiful boys and that Webster has a happy little brother that will play with him. For my adorable red head that mugs for the camera. I am thankful that Chandler is halfway home to us.


Wade Rankin said...

My wife just spent a full ten minutes oohing andd ahhing at the pics of Chandler.

Ginger Taylor said...

He is a sight to see, isn't he!

I was planning on waiting another week to write about it, giving a larger sample, but we started him on B12 shots two weeks ago and he has taken another huge leap forward. These were taken before we started.

Now he is even more interactive and his language has made a huge jump forward. Up until now he has only had spefic sentences that he used. "I want..." now he has expanded to "I am ..." and beyond, putting his own sentences together starting last week.

God is good.