November 12, 2005

Thank You Surfer Boys

My last post on a piece written by a non-verbal autistic child has gotten a lot of hits, so I thought I would post this one too. My husband found this on the Surfers Healing site and I sobbed when he showed it to me.

My ten year old non verbal son David wrote this poem to thank you for his wonderful day of surfing in San Diego here it is:

Thank You Surfer Boys
by David Teplitz

I am a boy.
A notalker boy.
A dreaming notalker boy.

I dreamt of riding the indigo waves of the stunning sea.
You made it be surfer boys.
I was high and free and powerful and peaceful.
You made it be surfer boys.
I felt the oneness with water.
You made it be surfer boys.

You gave the gift of surfing but even more you
loved ignored people
gave flight to those who were stuck
freed those trapped in their bodies
gave peace and joy.

I am a dreaming notalker SURFER boy.

Thank you surfer boys.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Thanks for posting David's fabulous thank you note.

This talented young poet experiences the world in an autistic way and expresses himself in an autistic way.

His autism is not his "personality," it is much more than that.

If there is any tragedy here, it is not that this young person lives among us the way he is, it is that we ignore him.