November 16, 2005

Tim Burton an Aspie?


TIM BURTON may have a form of autism, according to his longterm partner HELENA BONHAM CARTER

Bonham Carter recently filmed a TV movie in which she plays the real life mother of four autistic children and during her research she recognised character traits the director shares with kids with Asperger's Syndrome - of which the main symptom is an above average intelligence but less developed social and communication skills

She explains, "Tim will kill me, but while making this drama I realised he actually has a bit off Asperger's in him. You start recognising the signs.

"We were watching a documentary about autism and he said that's how he felt as a child.

"They (autistic people) have application and dedication. You can say something to Tim when he's working and he doesn't hear you.

"But that quality also makes him a fantastic father; he has an amazing sense of humour and imagination. He sees things other people don't see. Billy is enchanted by him."


Anonymous said...

Dan Akroyd says he has Asperger's.

So does Stephen Speilberg.

Who knows who else might come out of the closet if people like you didn't go around saying that autism (and Asperger's) is just poisoning.

Anonymous said...

So is it mercury poisoning or ASD? You cannot have it both ways. If you -- and your compatriots -- truly believe your children are "mercury poisoned" then use that as their sole diagnostic code and leave ASD out of it!

Jenn said...

Oh anon - surely you don't believe that those fighting mercury in vaccines are saying that is the SOLE cause of autism do you? I believe what they are saying is that Thimerosol (mercury) can be a trigger - to those predisposed towards autism. Of course it's not the sole cause. But since the cause of autism cannot be determined, we need to turn our attention to common denominators, and vaccinations because they are widespread, and relatively new within the last 50 years may have a link to the increasing number of people being diagnosed with ASD. There is no need to have Thimerosol in the vaccinations - so why not just take it out. That's what the fight is about. Remove the mercury, and then lets reevaluate possible triggers and/or causes for ASD.
I personally believe my boys were born the way they were - although I don't know why. Still, why not approach the matter from a scientific standpoint and gain as much knowledge as possible.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read every last post Ginger has ever written, but from those I have read I don't recall Ginger saying that mercury poisoning is the sole cause of autism.

I view this blog as being written/maintained by someone who has a great interest, concern, and compassion regarding ASD in general and for those who have a diagnosis on the spectrum. There is definitely an informed viewpoint regarding what many see as a preventable cause of ASD, but this is coupled with open-mindedness and a willingness to engage in discussion with those holding other viewpoints, as well as support and understanding for some of the views held by the neurodiversity movement.

As such, posts that refer to mercury poisoning and posts that highlight individuals and the accomplishments of those who are 'on the spectrum' appear entirely in keeping with the character of the blog that I have been reading

Anonymous said...

There's no way around it: This is a vaccine-blame intensive blog. The majority of the blog posts are about vaccines and/or mercury.

"Stop the Mercury. Stop the Lies" is prominently displayed on this blog's main page.

What may seem as open-mindedness to some may well appear as extreme narrow-band thinking to others.

Case in point: "jenn" says, "Remove the mercury
and then lets reevaluate possible triggers and/or causes for ASD."

Why? How come mercury has to be at the top of the pyramid and there should not be scientific investigation into anything else until mercury is ruled out?

No, the fight for some is NOT about mercury.

The fight for some is against the utter mind-blindedness of a minority of well-funded parents -- who have now driven most all worthy researchers out of autism research due to their hysteria over an invalid causation theory.

Stop the Blame Game. Stop the Faux Researchers. Stop the Mercury-Causation PR Machine.


WhoseInChargeHere? said...

Actually, Speilburg is known to have diagnosed himself... and buco kudos on him for being able to do this! LONG LIVE THE ASD POPULATION!!!!!!