November 27, 2005

Adventures in Autism Goes Commercial

Up until now I have avoided banners, ads and the like as to not sully the purity of the blog. But if I wanna keep on a’blogging as often as I would like, I need funding. I will keep an eye out for federal blogging grants to apply for, but in the mean time, I have another idea.

My Fund Razor is a new site for fundraising. I have my own little portal where you, the adoring blog reader can do your shopping on great places like Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot, Disney, Macy’s, Starbucks, Target, Wal-Mart, Family Christian Bookstores, and on and on and on, and a portion of your purchase will go to supporting my blogging habit.

I will be donating half of my take to the Autism Research Institute.

If you will be shopping online this season, please consider doing it through

Thank you for your support.

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