November 16, 2005

European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

The EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance) are holding a press
conference in Brussels on the 21st November 2005. This conference is open
to all interested parties.

The EFVV has completed a 6 year study and collected over 1000 cases of
vaccine reaction. A report is available in FIVE languages, as paper copy or
CD. This report has been sent to various MEPs in October and have been
invited to the conference.

JABS calls on anyone interested in this subject to contact their own MEP and
ask them to attend this conference on their behalf.

The press conference will take place at:
Place: Restaurant " Le Vieux Saint-Martin",
38, place du Grand Sablon,
1000 Bruxelles (Belgique).
Time: 2.30pm
Date: Monday 21 November 2005

Press Conference with Mr Paul Lannoye, previous deputy of the
European Parliament; Mr Giorgio Tremante, author of the book " Majeur et
vacciné ou.le droit de vivre ? ", members of the EFVV; several victims of
vaccination and/or their parents.

A Letter From Le secrétariat du EFVV

Dear Sir or Madam,

The EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance) has pleasure in inviting
you to a press conference on the theme of:

" Are we sufficiently aware of adverse reactions to vaccinations? ".

The EFVV is a European group comprised of parents' associations, doctors and
other practitioners who are concerned about undesirable secondary effects of

The EFVV will present the results of our six-year study of adverse reactions
to vaccinations (collected from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Holland and
the UK). The EFVV is presenting their report, in five languages, to the
President of the European Parliament and also to a number of MEPs.

Invited : - Mr Paul LANNOYE (Belgium), physicist and honorary European
- Mr Giorgio TREMANTE (Italy), father of three children
damaged by vaccination. The death of two children, and the serious
disablement of the third, is remembered in Italy as a result of compulsory
- Several victims of vaccine-reaction.

Date : Monday 21st November 2005 at 2.30pm

Venue : "Le Vieux Saint-Martin",
38, place du Grand Sablon,
1000 Brussels

We would like to gain substantial media coverage because of the seriousness
of this subject, until now too often ignored. We would therefore greatly
appreciate your presence and participation in this debate. We sincerely hope
you will accept our invitation.

With our best wishes,

Le secrétariat du EFVV

Association Liberté Information Santé 19 rue de l'Argentière, F63200 Riom.
Tél +33 4 73 63 02 21
Liga para la Libertad de Vacunacion, Apartado de Correos 100 E17080 Girona
Fax +34 9 35 91 27 57


Document for journalists

Who we are

The EFVV is a European group comprised of the following parents'
associations, doctors and other practitioners who are concerned about the
undesirable secondary effects of vaccines, and - in countries where
vaccination is compulsory - lack of freedom to choose:

· Association Liberté Information Santé (ALIS) (France)
· Liga para la Libertad de Vacunaciones (Spain)
· The Informed Parent (United Kingdom)
· Society of Homeopaths (United Kingdom)
· The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (United Kingdom)
· Nederlandse Vereniging Kritisch Prikken (Holland)
· Stichting Vaccinatieschade (Holland)
· Groupe Médical de Réflexion sur les Vaccins (Switzerland)
· COMILVA (Italy)
· Associazione vittime dei vaccini (Italy)
· AEGIS (Luxembourg)
· LiSa (Germany)
§ Preventie vaccinatieschade (Belgium)
· Claude BERNARD (France), doctor of Sciences,
· Nelleke BRUCH (Pays-Bas), homeopath,
· Dr Kris GAUBLOMME (Belgique), GP, author of several books on
vaccination, president of Preventie Vaccinatieschade,
· Françoise JOET (France), teacher, president of ALIS, author of
several books on vaccination, editor in chief of the periodical " Le
Courrier d'ALIS ",
· Dr Danièle JOULIN (France), GP,
· Helen KIMBALL-BROOKE (United Kingdom), homeopath, member of the
Alliance of Registered Homeopaths,
· Lesley KING (United Kingdom), homeopath, member of the Society of
· Colette LEICK-WELTER (Germany), diploma in Natural Hygiene,
· Dr Walter PANSINI (Italy), herbalist, president of COMILVA,
· Dr Jean PILETTE (Belgium), MD, author of books on vaccination,
· Dr Xavier URIARTE (Spain), ND, author of books on vaccination and
Natural Hygiene, advisor of the publication: " Vacunacion Libre ",

Our work on a European Level

Over six years the EFVV conducted a study of the secondary effects of
vaccinations, using a questionnaire translated into five languages, which
was made available to health practitioners and members of the public.

The analysis of the collected data is published in a REPORT, available in
five languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch), and also on a CD
which contains our complete work in all five langauages.

These documents show that, contrary to official information, secondary
effects of vaccinations are:
Much more frequent,
Much more serious,
More numerous with successive vaccinations,
Responsible for the onset of new and more complex degenerative
(fibromyalgia, diabetes, autism, many different auto immune
illnesses .),
Usually dismissed by medical staff, remaining unreported.

Our suggestions

· Exhaustive information on the secondary effects of vaccination
should be made available to everyone,
· The setting up of a strict, independent vaccinovigilance that
collects all side effects from vaccination,
· Victims of vaccination-damage should automatically receive
compensation, irrespective of who they are,
· Laws that guarantee fundamental rights should be respected,
· Absence of discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated
people (school, work,
· Abolition of compulsory vaccination.

Our actions

· Contact with the European Parliament

We have sent copies of our REPORT and CDs to the President of the European
Parliament, to the committees, to the President and to the Vice-Presidents
of three commissions of the European Parliament as well as to certain
members of the following:

Commission for Civil Rights, Justice and Interior Affairs;
Commission for the Environment, Public Health and Food Security;
Commission for the Interior Market and Consumer Protection.

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