May 8, 2008

Monsanto GMOs: One British Boy's Reaction

Because GMO foods are not labeled in the US, we have no idea if our kids are reacting to them.

Apple Mark of Something Beginning with A has the luxury of actually know what his child is eating as a resident of the UK and shares this with us about his autistic son's experience with GMO foods (FYI... in Europe, Soy is called Soya):

Edward had been on gf cf diet for 6 months had made huge progress. We had also eliminated Soya on the advice of Paul Shattock as most Soya is gm and we have tried to go as organic as possible.

Interestingly Edward does not appear to have a problem with corn (not sure if gm maize is permitted in the UK)

Soya was reintroduce into his diet accidentally on the 17th Nov 2006. He slowly slipped back into autism. The effect on Edward was such that he was unteachable at the nursery. They had to devote 1-1 care for him and this is not expected of them as they are not special needs. We were extremely luck to have such a good nursery.

He started to recover after a week but it was 6 weeks before he was back to pre soya. Not a happy Christmas.

His nursery had a nativity play and Edward sat through it looking dazed occasionally stimming with his fingers, this is in contrast with the Easter 4 months later.

Here is his diary entry on the day we realised:

Saturday 2nd December (Lara)

"SOYA DAMN IT has made Edward autistic again.

Everyone has noticed. I stopped his "new dietary needs". All his new food had Soya in it. He has had such a bad reaction to it and has gone backwards. He is not receptive, no eye contact, no concentration, tantrums, not able to speak, "unusual behaviour", on his tiptoes, no poo since Friday [5days].

I have been stressed tearful and feel really awful. He desperately needs a poo to get rid of the toxins. I gave him lactulose Tuesday and Wednesday."


Anonymous said...

Wow! Incredible difference.

It is absolutely amazing that food ingredients can be so life-changing.

I think it's a crime that our country does not label our food appropriately so that we can boycott GM products.

It seems so "un-American" in every sense of the word.


Mark said...

In a way I'm glad it happened, critics often say our kids improve with time or that we somehow imagine improvments, but this proved to us ( the nursery staff,close friends, family and health visitor) that this is not the case.
i wish i could show more of the easter video as he stands and sings a song with 2 other kids.