May 11, 2008

Best Mother's Day Present Ever

This Mother's Day, from my boys, I got two hydrangea bushes to start a little garden on the side of my house. I named them Bessie and Myrtle.

But my best mothers day present was being introduced to some chickens.

Today after church we decided to drive around and explore Maine. We drove by a farm and noticed that three chickens had crossed the street and were hanging out next to the primary school. We pulled up to them to show them to the boys. Chandler rolled down his window to greet the hens.

"Hewwo Chickens. How are you? My name is Chanwer. These are my friends, Webster, Mommy and Daddy".

That is the biggest mouthful my little guy has ever been inspired to say.

I love those damn chickens.


Unknown said...

Hooray for Chandler!! I'm guessing that made you laugh and cry all at the same time. I want to share with you a similar story (in NO WAY am I trying to steal thunder here). This morning during my Jack's typical Monday-morning speech session, his therapist was working on animal names with him as usual. Instead of accepting 'hippo' from him, she decided that she wanted him to try 'hippopotamus,' instead. After many attempts, furrowed eyebrows, and shaking his head over and over, my angel looked his therapist right in the eye, and said, clear as day, "Gail, it's hard." She and I gasped, and together starting laughing and praising him like crazy. Of course, I also had tears in my eyes. I wonder how long he's been thinking "this is all so hard" and has not been able to tell me. These kinds of victories are the stuff of life for us. Happy belated Mother's Day. Adrienne Isaacs

Ginger Taylor said...

Yay Jack!!!

With the big spontaneous outburst!

Happy stories with words are ALWAYS welcome!