May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to Exceptional Mothers

(This is a repost from last year. But it is good, so I am bringing it back out.)

Once there was a little girl named Wendy.

She dreamed of all of the things that she could be.

First she wanted to be a nurse...
She would care for the sick with gentleness, patience, and love.

Then she wanted to be a teacher...
She would teach children and help them have the best chance for success.

In high school, she thought that being a religious minister would allow her to provide comfort, care, and spiritual sustenance.

A little older, and she wanted to be a lawyer...
She would defend the poor and defenseless.

Finally, she wanted to be a doctor...
She would unravel all the mysteries of what made people sick and how to cure them.

Wendy got married, and she became a mom.
Her little boy flourished and learned with ease, his future was bright, and Wendy was delighted. But his abilities seemed to change, and he seemed to be ill. Wendy’s little boy was diagnosed with autism.

Wendy was scared, so she asked the angels, “Who can help my little boy?”
And the angels said, “You can help him, you will be everything that you always wanted to be.”

“But, angels,” said Wendy, “I am scared that my child will not be all that I’d hoped he could be.”

“He isn’t right now,” replied the angels, “But he is all of the things that you can help him become.”



Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Thanks.
Happy Mother's Day Ginger and to all the other mothers out there!

Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful and I'd like to repost it in my blog.