May 26, 2007

Holy Crap... I Forgot About The Zinc!

We upped Chandlers zinc at the beginning of the week! I forgot about that when I started getting excited about Chandler's huge improvements this week.

So week 4 of the SCD diet his improvements were steeper than weeks 1-3 probably because we upped his zinc.

Yay for zinc!


Anonymous said...

Wow Ginger! Awesome news about Chandler. Zinc & Magnesium are awesome. On another front, thought you'd like to see this article re: organic food. For some reason I can't email your old address...did you switch when you moved? you can get me at aghigginsATearthlinkDOTnet.
Angelique (William's Mommy)

Maddy said...

None of my business, but do you find that more zinc leads to constipation? Maybe I should have emailed you instead!

Maddy said...

There you go, can't do the aol email anyway, now I don't feel so bad.
Hope you had a great [restful?] weekend.

Anonymous said...

My psychiatrist said that the special diet is not for everyone...just stating the autism fact.

Ginger Taylor said...

Yes Pablo, you are right. Not everyone needs it. I mentioned in an earlier post this week that my two companions at the conference tried it on their autistic children for 6 months to a year and they saw now change.

It only is useful for children with specific intentional issues.

But since there is no test to accurately show which people will respond to it and which will not, the only way to tell is to put them on it for a few months and see what happens.

Hopefully as more and more children try the diet, researchers will be able to get a better understanding of just exactly who needs it and who doesn't.

Ginger Taylor said...


No fear. I am not afraid of poop talk.

No he has not been constipated yet, but I will keep an eye out for it.

I will alert you if we see any ;)