March 15, 2011

Mainstream Medicine: The Abusive Boyfriend That I Can't Break Up With

Looking back on my relationship with mainstream medicine, it has done some nice things for me, made me feel good on a few occasions, but it has also beat the crap out of me. And my children.

Yet I cannot leave it. I keep going back. Only to be disappointed.

Long story short, Chandler has developed vocal tics. Docs tell us to live with it and figure out a way make it work. Which is what I knew they would say going in. Because that is what they always say. Which makes me wonder why I still go.

Cause I know it is only a matter of time until it beats me up again, and it has been a long, long time since it has done anything nice for me.


Max said...

Love this post, perfect analogy too! Btw, bought the book, loved it, and believe every new parent should be made to read it!

Celeste Jean said...
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Celeste Jean said...

So sorry about your current frustration! I can identify with the point you have made here, for sure. We try to only take our son to his DAN! doctor, all because we have had similar experiences.

Autism Mom Rising said...

Did you get the actual phrase, "That's just the autism, not much you can do."? We got that for three years as my son went from HFA at 3 to severely autistic by 6. Turns out it wasn't just the Autism, it was seizures that were missed for years because the regressions were assumed to be "just the Autism". When a doctor said that to me about something else since I told him I have banned that phrase and explained why.

I'm sorry to hear about the tics. Has PANDAS ever been ruled out?

I'm sorry to hear about the tics

K Fuller said...

Main stream medicine fails all of us. We spent 3 weeks dealing with what we though were Nick's age old bowel issues. I could not believe we were going through this again. He complained of rectal pain, so I took him to the doc. A cursory exam, just a look see. No real exam.
Part of the Autism that's all. But his blood pressure was up. 3 weeks of on and off vomiting and issues with the toilet. No fever. He finally had so much pain behind his belly button, we took him to the ER LONG STORY there. Appendicitis. I believe all of the immune support ant anti inflammatory supps he takes kept it at bay.
Just part of the Autism. F'them.

Modern Mom, Kelsi said...

Know the feeling. It seems like they tempt us by "treating" the primary problem. I'm a migraine sufferer and am pre-diabetic, and am trying to fix this (while avoiding meds for my son) via naturopathic medicine. sometime it's hard. and the insurance thing doesn't help, either. Our DAN doctor is $350/visit! vs like a $10 copay. so hard!

JB said...
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Pure Mod Life said...

super sad and so true!