March 18, 2010

Thorsen Leaves The DSM V Team, Still Has Not Been "Found"

On Tuesday, Poul Thorsen "requested leave" from the DSM V committee that he was working on to redefine autism for the next iteration of the diagnostic bible of the psychology world.

"Home / Meet Us / Thorsen, Poul, M.D., Ph.D.
Thorsen, Poul, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Thorsen has requested work group leave of absence effective 3-16-10. For biosketch and disclosure information, please click here.

He resigned as an unpaid adjunct professor (just there to be an advisor to one student on his thesis) at Drexel last week. He resigned from Emory last month. He resigned from Aarhaus last year. Thorsen now has no professional ties that we know of.

But we know he has had contact with that world, if only to resign, since the story broke in Denmark more than a month ago.

The question is now, since yes, Thorsen is clearly running from facing the charges against him, is anyone chasing him?

He is being investigated in Denmark, and reportedly the police want to talk to him, but it does not seem that the police here are pursuing him. Has Denmark asked for our help in finding him and extraditing him? Have charges been filed against him in Denmark? It has been a full years since he left, and I am sure there investigation must have enough info to make an arrest at this point, or they would not be making allegations in the news papers.

So... Will anyone ACTUALLY pursue Thorsen, arrest him and put him on trial? CDC has got to hate that idea with the white hot heat of a thousand suns. Because all sorts of ugly things spill out in trials (gosh, I wonder what would come out of SCOTUS says we can sue Pharma for vaccine injury and DISCLOSURE starts opening long locked closets and basements).

Or will the US government have as much trouble putting their hands on Thorsen as they do the cause of autism, "We keep looking, and looking, and looking, and we really cannot turn up any information" - Julie Gerberding on the vaccine/autism connection.

We can find Saddam in a spider hole in the desert, but we can't find a professor who owns two homes, was attached to two universities and the DSM V panel?

My prediction? Thorsen will continue to be 'missing' and live his life, unpursued on a beach a beach somewhere with the two million dollars he procured. I will be shocked if he is ever held accountable in any measure.

Because really, to be blunt, he has CDC by the balls. He carried out a big hit for them, and if they don't cover his tracks, they go down with him.

Which proves that the old adage works in business as it does in love...

...If they will cheat with ya, then they will cheat on ya.

Lesson to Offit, Gorski, ECBT, AAP, Gerberding, Singer, Fombonne, Wiznitzer et. al. and all potential whistle blowers at Government and Pharma everywhere Feel free to rob CDC and affiliated institutions BLIND. They can't fight back, they can't send you to jail, they can't even Wakefield you.

Update: Got an email that he had been “sighted” in London on Feb 21-22.


Tammy said...

They could find him, if they made the effort to look.

K Fuller said...

He will become the Osama Bin Laden of Autism.
He will also become the Weapon of Mass destruction of Autism.
The CDC will proclaim...We have been operating under the BEST information and studies provided to us when we made these decisions.

Mark said...

there's a nice little group photo on this news letter with the UK's Simon Baron Cohen.
note to simon - on less on you Christmas card list this year

Minority said...

I've been enjoying some of the pro-vaccine bloggers attempts to smooth this story over.

Just because the dude may be a major thief, doesn't mean he has ethical problems as a scientist.

His name is in the middle of the list of authors on the articles. That means he didn't really do squat, so all is well and the science still stands.


Jim Thompson said...

Thank you Ginger.

Here is the ministry of truth (the “free” press and the CDC) hard at work on this criminal exposé:

“‘We have no reason to suspect that there are any issues related to the integrity of the science,’ said Tom Skinner, a spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which funded the studies.”

From LATimes, Thomas H. Maugh II, Andrew Zajac. Trine Tsouderos, March 12,2010, at

Jim Thompson said...

“’Let's assume it is true that he embezzled money,’ Offit said. ‘The notion that it casts the science into question is false. For these big epidemiological studies, it is hard to believe that one person could effectively change the data.’” See .

Translation: It is hard to believe that this fox could effectively eat your chickens.

quicksilver said...

Hi, Looking at the DSMV panel there are many that make Paol Thorsen's "bio" look innocuous.

Shareholders in just about every vaccine/Big p'Harmer's organisations.

But of course they won't be affected by this and of course they can't get more than 10 000 dollars from these outfits while on the DSMV panel.

Come to think of it 10 000 dollars that's the top wack that senators get from the same organistions?

There are a few on the panel that haven't joined the game of 10 000 dollars from 50 or so groups.

Perhaps after their efforts they too will be AMPLY rewarded for adding to the confusion and three card trick on changing the definitions of everything before the penny drops that Big p'Harmers drugs DO HARM.