March 26, 2010

Revenues from Global Vaccine Market 27 Billion Dollars for 2009

Twenty Seven Billion Dollars.

But I am sure that Pharma would be happy to cut that in half to avoid over vaccinating. Right?

Well... probably not.

For only $1,861.00 you can buy this report and get in on the uber lucrative vaccine market.

Revenues from global vaccine market register UD$27 Billion
2010-03-25 14:43:50 - Global Vaccine Market Forecast
to 2012 - a new market research report on

Vaccine has emerged as one of the most profitable business segments in the healthcare industry. The segment registered revenues of around US$ 27 Billion in 2009. The growth has been driven by the emergence of some new chronic diseases and increasing demand for seasonal flu vaccines. Besides, the future growth of the vaccine market is anticipated to be driven by launch of several new vaccines, increasing trend of routine immunization and increasing support from the governments of various countries.

Our new research report ´Global Vaccine Market Forecast to 2012´ says that the vaccine industry is anticipated to enjoy a double digit growth in future. In future, it is expected that growth in demand for adult vaccines will outpace the growth in demand for pediatric vaccines. At present, the adult vaccine segment is characterised by increasing demand in the section like influenza and Hib.

Our report has found that M&A activity in the vaccine segment is likely to occur at a rapid pace than before. We have seen the recent activities have been led by pharma majors like Pfizer, Novartis and others and these companies are looking to expand their reach in emerging markets

So, most of the mergers and acquisitions are likely to occur at regional level markets. Besides, the report also provides information on various industry trends and their impact on the growth of the industry, which will give a clear industry insight to our clients.

The report also provides extensive information and rational analysis on the global vaccine market as well as on the facts like increasing investments in research and development of new products. Thus, it provides valuable information to pharmaceutical & healthcare companies and investors looking to enter into this segment. Analysis and statistics regarding market size, growth, share, regulatory environment and trends in technology development have been thoroughly analyzed in the report to present a comprehensive overview of the market to clients.

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MySocratesNote said...

But...but....Vaccines aren't that profitable, Ginger. They actually lose money on vaccines.


Thanks for this, Ginger. Next time someone tells me that, I'm going to point them to that link.

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