September 4, 2008

Barack Obama To Speak In NJ, Autism Parents to Go

In Jersey? Get your self to the Obama event. Tell him that John McCain is meeting with our families, writing to HIS Senate Health Committee for action and talking about our kids in his acceptance speech. Ask him to match and exceed what John McCain has done:

Date: Friday, September 5 starting at 3:00 pm

Please join us! We have a huge opportunity to meet Barack Obama before the election and we need you there.

To support vaccination choice, I am welcoming all families to an informal gathering on my front lawn this Friday, September 5th starting at 3:00 pm.

Obama’s motorcade will be passing in front of my house twice en route to and from a major DNC reception which starts at 5:00 pm.

Jon Corzine is co-hosting the event. We expect press and other NJ politicians to be there. The reception ends shortly before 7:00 pm where many will be attending dinner at Bon Jovi’s house about 5 minutes away.

If you can make it, e-mail me ASAP with your full name, address and home/cell # for everyone in your party. I will try to get info regarding Secret Service/security protocol tomorrow and will send a note to participants with directions and further details.

If you can’t e-mail me, come anyway… we’ll get you in.

If you arrive late, that’s ok, he will probably arrive close to 5:00 pm and he’ll probably leave about 6:45-7:00 pm.

You can take NJ Transit to Red Bank or the ferry from downtown NYC to Highlands. Carpool if you can but don’t worry, I have lots of parking.

If you are local, you must come… please. This is so important. Bring your kids, neighbors and friends.

Bring water and a picnic dinner. We’ll try to order pizzas if they can get through security. Whole Foods is 5 mns away.

Bring lawn chairs and outdoor toys. There will be lots of room for the kids to play.

At least one person will attend the DNC reception and will tell Obama “the folks outside are with me… please come out and say a few words, we all vote!”

Bring your video cameras and share your clips with us.

Bring lots of signs and banners. Think big, creative, bold.

Change. Vaccine Policy.

“He’s our guy” and will get to the bottom of the vaccine-autism link.

Change. The CDC. The FDA. The NIH.

Pharma Reform

Too Much Too Soon

Vaccine Choice

CDC Says 69 Shots By Age 18

CDC Says 33 Shots By 15 Months

Other Developing Countries Don’t Mandate Shots

1950 = #3 in Infant Mortality

2007 = #42 in Infant Mortality

No Forced Vaccination in America

1 in 6 = Special Needs Kids

1 in 60 = NJ boys with Autism (CDC)

1 in 42 = US boys with Autism (Truth)

We vote!

Help Our Kids, Sen. Obama!

If you can help with signs or banners, drop them off tomorrow or Fri morning.

Can you think of something creative we can do or make to get his attention or make him smile?

I’ll be on Gary Null tomorrow at 12:30 pm.

My next vaccine seminar is tomorrow at Long Hill Township Public Library in Gillette, NJ from 6-9pm. You can drop off signs at the library if you can’t make it to Middletown.

Let Obama see that we are serious… that we have a message for him.

Kim Stagliano for Louise Kuo Habakus


I just got this email from Louise with corrections/detail/more information:

Hi, Ginger. Sorry for the curt nature of this email… crazy day. Obama is attending a DNC fundraiser and there’s no guarantee he will address our group so I don’t want to mislead..

1. You might want to sign it “Kim Stagliano for Louise Kuo Habakus” since it references my seminars and “come to my house.”

2. My Long Hill seminar was last night. *Does not imply endorsement go to and click on Calendar of Events for more details

3. Tell people to email ASAP for alternate parking and other critical details since security will be very tight and they may be checking against a list of registered people. There will be no parking permitted on the street.

4. Please respect that this is a friendly gathering in an intimate setting with many children in attendance for friends and supporters of vaccination choice. We hope to encourage Obama to talk with our group.

I’ll send you the press release when it’s finalized. Say a prayer for us.


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