September 29, 2008

Mother Warriors

I am back. And so is Jenny.

She told her son's story and now she is telling our story. The story of moms who are fighting for their amazing children.

Go get it:

Her media appearances this week:

• Mon., Sept. 29th
Good Morning America - LIVE

• Tues., Sept. 30th
Canada AM - LIVE
CNN American Morning -LIVE

• Mon., & Tues., Sept 29th & 30th
Access Hollywood

• Thurs., Oct. 2nd
KTTV/Good Day LA

• Fri., Oct. 3rd
Ellen Degeneres


Jim Thompson said...

Welcome back!

Thanks for the schedule post. Jenny did a great job of presenting the facts this morning on GMA.

Dadof6Autistickids said...

Would you post this to your blog? Thanks!

Discovery Health channel will be showing a documentary on Oct. 1st at 8PM ET/PT. The title is: "Autism X 6" and it is the story about our family.

We hope that by allowing our story to be told that it will do three things:

1) Increase the awareness of Autism
2) Increase the understanding and tolerance of Autism
3) We hope that we can be of some help to other 'Parents of Autism'

Please tell everyone you know to watch it. Your family, friends, neighbors, religious and political leaders, etc. Also post it, email it to any and all groups, forums and email lists you have.

If you would like to contact us personally go to or our website:

Thank you!

hellokittiemama said...

:) Welcome back!

I read this book immediately when it came out! Go Jenny Go Jenny!

I am mother warrior, hear me roar!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ginger! We sure did miss you... but are glad you were able to step away for a bit.


Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Welcome back! K