September 10, 2008

Special Needs Issues and the Presidency Hitting Mainstream Discussion

Trig Palin's story is safe ground for the Republican ticket

Biden's comments on special needs kids called 'new low'

One mom's comment: "Wouldn't you just love to see these two campaigns to get into a battle over who cares more about children with special needs?"


Anonymous said...

Look at

amazing story. sorry it is off subject somewhat.

Curt said...

How can Biden make any comment on "special needs children", or even state that they have the solution to the health and welfare issues facing Americans, when he is joined to a party who supports abortion - the legalized murder of the most vulnerable Americans in our country!

Mike said...

Have a kid with autism too, I am supporter of stem cell research, genetic engineering will ultimately play a part in cures for lot of diseases from cancer to growing new limbs. Either we do it or China/India/ N Korea do it. The opponents of abortion: life is life when its viable to survive. Frozen embroys will ultimately be thrown away either tomorrow or 200 years in the future. Use them to get something good. By the way why send your kid to kill other people in other countries if you care so much about life

Ginger Taylor said...

"The opponents of abortion: life is life when its viable to survive."

If this is the definition of "life" then every one on life support of any kind just lost their right to live.

Mike said...

Ginger I agree. Cost of life support $30,000/day ICU bill How may hungry kids who die in Ethopia or Rawanda can be saved for that money for a whole year. Maybe the 1 life in USA is worth more than a thousand in the world. Or maybe just for the cost of maintaining embryos in a freezer and all the money we send on litigation. I cannot answer that question I am biased I live in USA. But me and my wife have chosen DNR (do not ressucisate) on our wills if we become critically ill

kimjergen said...

Hi there,
Along with other major national issues, I can't help but think about what kind of leader someone will be and how they will lobby for children like ours. I feel this is reflected in how they treat their own children and people who surround them - it's evidence of their character and conscience.

-from a 44yr old middle-class white mother of special needs child(autism) who cares about individual freedoms and our fragile environment who definitely will NOT be voting for Palin!

why? Here's my short list -
1) What kind of mother risks her unborn child's life by flying half across the country with ruptured membranes in preterm labor in a high risk pregnancy??? - Sarah Palin proudly did this! She obviously did/does not see her own Down Syndrome child as a priority by demonstrating her reckless judgment concerning his precious life.
I wouldn't even have a mere sip of wine during my pregnancies much less step into a plane at 8 months pregnant, much less with amniotic fluid leakage occurring. Actions speak louder than words -she only cares about her own ambition and not the life of a special needs child even if it's her own would get in the way of her ambition. Put yourself in her shoes would you have made her same choices regarding the welfare of your unborn child?
2) Someone in power who routinely fires people for personal reasons exhibits abusive power and is dangerous to society.
3) Someone who cares more about Oil and Money for her rich state clearly can't be trusted to take on environmental issues and help slow down global warming.
4) Someone who proudly proclaimed in her speech in Colorado Springs that "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have gotten too big and too expensive for taxpayers to take any longer" is seriously ignorant in not knowing that we didn't even own it until Sunday. Her ignorance on nationwide and worldwide issues is frightening!
5) The bridge to nowhere, the flip-floping, the huge chunks of our tax dollars she has hired lobbyist for despite claiming to hate pork - flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop - this is no change, just more of the same.

the list could go on and on!

No more drama, vote for OBAMA!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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James Reed said...

Leave the political commentary out and stick to the original intent of the blog. If Palin was such a great mom she would stay at home and raise them instead of seeking political office.

Jim Thompson said...

If Sara Palin brings attention to the vital issues of Autism and special needs children then fantastic. However, the apparent non-answers to many of Charlie Gibson’s questions are troubling in regards to her ability to carry out the duties of VP and maybe Pres. He told her on his interview "I am lost in a blizzard of words." Go to

Wolverinemama said...

Ginger...I have quietly been following your blog for the past 2 years. I ususally don't post, but just wanted to encourage you to continue to post about ANY topic you feel like posting about. I can NOT BELIEVE the audacity of some readers who are telling you what topics to "stick to"...folks,if you don't like what she's writing about, don't read the blog.
Kudos to you Ginger, for all these years of fighting the good fight.

Thing1Thing2Mom said...

I just read in the this week's NewsWeek that Palin has a nephew with autism. Another source says he is 13 years old.

Jim Thompson said...

Will she only take care of her own? Please see

Jim Thompson said...

If that link does't work then go to and click on "Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes"

Jim Thompson said...
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Jim Thompson said...

Did Palin knowingly or unknowingly quote Westbrook Peglar? If she doesn’t research her speech writer’s work, how will she do in office?

Look at the following links:



Anonymous said...


Palin Had No Active Role In Increased Funding For Special Needs - She Just Signed Off On The Budget

"She signed legislation that would increase financing for children in Alaska with special needs — though she was not involved in its development — yet that state is the subject of two lawsuits that allege inadequate services and financing for those children, particularly those with autism."

She DID, however, directly cut funding for the Alaska Special Olympics, slashing the budget in half. See page 102 of the following document.

Jim Thompson said...
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Jim Thompson said...

As my eighth grade teacher constantly preached to us "you are in for a rude awakening." The greed on Wall Street just handed that to us. This is one more sign that we need new leadership. But McCain & Palin offer no fundamental change in leadership and eight years of "trickle on" economics is enough. As for vaccine injury, yes there has been a failure to ensure vaccine safety on both sides of the aisle. But where will the funds for treatment and research come from if we don’t raise taxes to both rescue our kids and bail out AIG?