February 21, 2008

Lowe's Just Won My Business

I have not yet posted on the guy who said the thing on Big Brother. I have been to disgusted by it to say anything constructive, so I just have not said anything.

But today Lowe's just made my decision on which home improvement store to choose real easy. So next time Webster asks, "Are we going to the Orange Tool Store or the Blue Tool Store", we will be replying, "Blue."

Autism United has received a statement from the Lowe's Companies that they will be no longer advertise with the CBS program Big Brother in response to a broadcast last week that referred to people with autism as "retards."

Karen Cobb, a spokesperson for Lowe's, said in a statement:

"Lowe’s has strict guidelines that govern the placement of our advertising. Our company advertises primarily in national, network prime-time television programs and on a variety of cable outlets.

Lowe’s constantly reviews advertising buys to make certain they are consistent with its policy guidelines. Lowe’s doesn’t routinely advertise on the show “Big Brother” and has taken steps to ensure that our advertising isn’t appearing on future shows."

Lowe's is the second largest home improvement retailer in the US.

CBS has not apologized for the incident nor have they taken responsibility for the content of their own broadcast. Autism United and a nationwide coalition of autism and developmental disability groups will be mobilizing families affected by autism to call upon advertisers with Big Brother, including Taco Bell, Saturn, Geico, and others to follow the leadership shown by Lowe's Companies and withdraw their support for Big Brother. Details of the campaign will be released later today.

John Gilmore
Executive Director
Autism United
(516) 933-4050


Maddy said...

Good grief! What a pleasant surprise! Not only do they have a policy but they stick to it too. I'll see you there in the gardening section.

Jenn said...

Yes, Lowes just won my loyalty as well :) I'm impressed - a big-box with a conscience!

MiSScNeLLY said...

I am glad that Lowe's is on our side. Hopefully other companies follow suit as well.

Anonymous said...

Finally - a company that has a conscience.