February 28, 2008

Bring Nate Tseglin Home

I had been writing about Nate Tseglin, the boy who was removed from his family and placed in Foster Care because child services wanted him medicated and his parents didn't believe it was in his best interests.

The family now has a web site up to tell their story.

Please take some time to visit and support this family. What has been done here is horrible and their reports on Nate's treatment in this facility are heartbreaking.

Apparently this facility has a history of abuse and a 14 year old autism/MR child was killed there by a staff person, and even though the judge said that the death was caused by the worker, dismissed the case.

The staff members lawyer argued, "These are socially undesirable people".

So children housed here can be killed and they are not held accountable.

We can't sit by while things like this happen to our children.


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