February 29, 2008

Call To Help Nate's Family Today

This is just so upsetting. Please take a minute to make a call. (I am attempting to get the email addresses which have been truncated.) The autism community, the entire autism community, needs to address abuses like this with one, loud voice.

Take some time and make some phone calls on behalf of this boy. Let officials know that you are following this story and want to know what is the long term plan for this child and what is being done to try to get this boy reunited with his family.

Which as a former foster care worker I can tell you, is the supposed goal of any intervention by the state. Their job is not to be the parents, but to properly equip parents who are willing and able to raise their own child. What they have done is basically state sanctioned kidnapping.

Also call senators Barbara Boxer (202) 224-3553) and Diane Feinstien (202) 224-3841) and complain about this family's treatment, demand that they get involved, investigate it completely and do what is in the true best interest of this child.

The latest from the Tseglins:

Dear friends,

We received very bad news for Nate and our family from the Fairview administration and the doctor today. These people are enforcing our son on Geodon - psychotropic drug which is extremely harmful and poisonous for our son. They are starting this drug from today evening. They took our son from home completely physically healthy and since they started him on different psychotropic drugs against his will and his family he developed Grand Mal seizures - epilepsy. These drugs don't have any medical merit. They are used as chemical restrains which are additional to physical restrains used on him often.It is against medical advice from a number of the doctors including medical experts in neurology. It is not ethical practice of medicine. It is not necessary. Our son who was very energetic before is spending all his days in the bed as the result of the harmful drugs they impose on him earlier. From the psychotropic drugs our son was delivered in critical condition numbers of time to the emergency room of the different hospital. Last time he was admitted to the Hoag Hospital emergency room with epileptic seizures after he was enforced to psychotropic drug as the punishment and chemical restrains to the behaviors which our son doesn't ave control because of his sensory issue and his response to his isolation, harmful drugs, and the environment since he removed from his family. We sow in the hospital his reactions on this poisonous drugs which his body do not accept. He was having terrible pains, his body was all red, his breathing was stopping and his heart rate was high when his blood pressure was low.

We days and nights were sitting at his bed in the stroke unit of the hospital. Since this day January 21, 2008 our son is different. He looks like he suffered stroke or brain damage because his speech is blurred, his coordination is unstable, his memory and eyes visions is effected. We came to this country to live dissent life, free of the suppression.

Please, raise your voice against there actions. Write letters in protest to the facility administrators with your voices protesting this actions for the purpose of the our family retaliation. Made a copy for our E-mail also:

Please, send e-mail every possible official and ask your friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors, any official or civic figures and every one you are possible to reach to write e-mails with the protests against this action.

The E-mail send also to Mr. Dwayne LaFon, Clinical Director of the Fairview Developmental Center. E-mail: dlafon@fdc.dds.ca.gov

Please call also to the Executive Director of Fairview - Ms. Karen Larson. Her phone is 714-957-5102.

The E-mail send also to Mr. Carlos Flores, Executive Director of San Diego Regional Center. His E-mail is cflores@sdrc.org His phone number is 858-576-2933

Please, do not forget send a copy of the sending E-mail for us. If you feel comfortable to write your name and address it can be more impressive.

Please, help with your protest to stop it to do for our son. Our Russian community voices are important to be voiced. Put the pressure on this kind of people. Fight for our son today that these people wouldn't come to your doors and grab your children tomorrow. No one is immune from it until we make them listen our opinion.



Osh said...

I have a son with Asperger's, and this could have been us this time last year.

I added the link for Nate's site to my blog. Thank you so much for calling my attention to this family.

erin said...

I can't say I was forced, but I was pressured since my son was 5 to put him all kinds of these drugs. He was on this one from his developmental pediatrician for a short time, but he did not respond well.

He has Aspergers and major sensory processing which would make him have severe meltdowns.

He is now 10 and doing amazingly well - since I have weened him off of everything except something to help him sleep at night. He also stays very physically active and gets OT & PT. He improved tremendously at school as well. I asked the teachers if they had noticed a change because we (as in I) had changed his medicines. They said yes, "what is he on now?". I told them, and then they also asked his psychologist, as if they don't believe me. I'd say his behaviors have improved 80% (or more).

They made my son less "over-stimulated" but they also, I believe now, made it impossible for him to control his emotions. It's a really sad state of pharmaceuticals that our country lives in. And quite frankly it pisses me off that I've listened to them, let them put him on 20 variations of mood, adhd, anti-depressants and haven't had my son here for the past 5 years! But, I have him now! I just stopped going to those med-heads.