April 9, 2006

JB Handley's response to RFK piece

`Til Death Do Us Part
By JB Handley
March 2, 2006
Exclusive to the Evidence Of Harm Discussion Group and Lenny.

I wept when I read RFK Jr's piece yesterday on the Huffington Post. CDC could have had DTP vaccines in the market as early as 1999 or 2000, cutting mercury levels immediately in vaccines by 40% for young children. CDC chose not to. I wept for my autistic son, born in 2002. And, I wept with rage for the unimaginable skin-saving behavior of a bunch of bureaucrats I've never met who, with their selfishness, completely altered the course of my son and family's life.

It's been a long time since I've cried. When my son was diagnosed with Autism, in July of 2004, I cried for a full month, for hours on end. Then one day, I just stopped. It wasn't helping him, and there was work to do. Months later, to my astonishment, he began to get better. And better. And better. Astonished? Hell, yes! You see, I put the "M" in mainstream. All this garbage about vaccines and autism was Hippy stuff, nothing more. But, every time a test came back it matched what all these DAN! Doctors and Dr. Rimland kept telling us: my son was very, very sick, and he needed medical treatment.

It's hard for any rational person to understand how long the CDC will keep up this charade. I'll tell you what, with friends like Dan Olmsted, David Kirby, Don & Dierdre Imus, Dan Burton, Dave Weldon, Carolyn Maloney, and RFK Jr., I know who I'm betting on. Dr. Offit, you're looking a little lonely these days over there, as you wait to collect your royalty checks from your new vaccine.

I know this is a very public discussion group. I know "moles" read what's here to see how we "anti-vaxers" are organizing ourselves. I thought I'd let you know about who you're up against.

First off, we're parents. And you, in covering your ass, have kidnapped our children's souls. In the wild, the consequence for what you've done is obvious, but being civilized, we will get you with the violence of truth. You see, unlike other body-snatchers, you've made a number of mistakes and left some very clear calling cards. You've left the measles virus in our children' guts, you've left mercury in their brains, and you forgot about the parents who never vaccinated their children who will willingly help us compare autism rates. You also never realized, because it's not your specialty, that autism is not only treatable, its reversible. You didn't take our children's souls, you just buried them. They're still there, waiting to come out.

Our kids are getting better. But, you don't want to know this. You sound an autism ALARM, we're documenting thousands of recoveries, but you don't ever come and see? We're going to show you anyway. We're videotaping our kids, we're documenting the excretion of metals from their delicate little bodies, and we're sharing our stories with every reporter in the free world. And, they're finally listening. You know why? Because you snatched some kids in some very high places. And everyone's a parent first.

The 8 million pound gorilla is awake. We're tens of thousands of parents unified to get our children medical treatment as soon as possible and to make sure every parent understands the truth and understands your treachery. If you sit in your little cubicle, hoping we'll finally go away because you paid for one more study trying to refute our position, you are sorely, sorely mistaken. You will have to kill us all to shut us up. And while you've stood by and tried to take our children away, it's unlikely you could get us all before we get you. With truth.

`til death do us part, CDC, `til death do us part.

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Ian Parker said...

Regardless of how one views autism, is there ever an excuse to view our children as "kidnapped souls"? We need to get beyond language such as this.