April 4, 2006

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From the Schafer Report:

Autism One Radio Schedule Apr 1-Apr 9 Three Debuts! Five Specials! Rally!
A Worldwide, Internet-Based Radio Station for the Care, Treatment, and
Recovery of All Children with Autism

Sat, Apr 1:

12pm-12:30 ET Andrea Unruh Sovern, DD: Ensuring Your Child’s
Future-The Ways and Means of Working towards Independence for Children with
Autism. Andrea and guests discuss the ways of obtaining appropriate services
and supports without going bankrupt, so that their children will be able to
live independently in society. Today: introducing Andrea Unruh Sovern and
her efforts with her son. Diagnosed with severe autism at 2 yrs 9 mo, Kolin
lost the medical diagnosis of autism completely at age 7. Andrea discusses
how she navigated the systems Tricare, Insurance, Medicaid and Special
Education in financing the multifaceted approach she used to ensure Kolin
could achieve independence, while maintaining financial solvency.

Sun, Apr 2:
11am–11:30 Jack & Rebecca Sytsema: Children of Destiny: Spiritual
Strength and Hope for Families Struggling with Autism. Topic: Living in the
Joy of the Lord. A look at ways to help us maintain a joyful, abundant life.

Mon, Apr 3:

Special: Combating Autism Act
10:30am-11:30 Elizabeth Emken, board member and legislative consultant
of Cure Autism Now discusses the Combating Autism Act with Teri Small. Why
is the CAA needed? How will it help children with autism?

12pm-12:30 Phillip C. DeMio, MD: First Monday of the Month at Noon:
Biomedical Treatments for the Spectrum. Topic: Gastrointestinal Treatments

Special: Early Downward Trends
1:30pm-2:30 Dr. Mark Geier and David Geier discuss their new study
entitled Early Downward Trends in Neurodevelopmental Disorders Following
Removal of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines with Teri Small.

Tues, Apr 4:

Special: Double edition
10am–11:30 Teri Small: Autism: Help, Hope, and Healing. Guest Carline
Banks talks about the low-oxalate diet and about how she helped her son.
12pm-1 Guest Dr. Boyd Haley talks about the urinary porphyrin profile,
indicator of mercury exposure, as well as other substantiation of
Thimerosal’s involvement in the autism epidemic.

New Book Release/Upcoming Movie
1:30pm–2 Chantal Sicile-Kira: The Real World of Autism with Chantal.
Topic: “Daniel Isn't Talking” Guest: Author Marti Leimbach, mother of a boy
with autism. “Daniel Isn't Talking” is taken very much from her real life,
accurately cataloguing the struggle she had convincing anyone that her child
is able to learn, and that there is a great deal we can do to mitigate the
core deficits of autism and help a boy like him move toward a more promising
future. Marti's book “Dying Young” went to number 5 on the New York Times
bestseller list and was the basis of a film by the same name starring Julia
Roberts, who is also in the final stages of negotiations to star in the film
version of “Daniel Isn't Talking.”

Wed, Apr 5:
10am–10:30 Peta Cohen, MS, RD: Nutritional Approaches to Treating
11:30am–12 Seth D. Pearl, DC, CCN, CNS: Health and Wellness with Dr.
Seth Pearl

12:30pm-1 Betty Jarusiewicz, PhD, LCADC and Bob Patterson, PT:
Consider Neurotherapy. Both experienced clinicians using Neurotherapy (also
known as EEG Biofeedback and Neurofeedback) will be inviting other
clinicians, including MDs, psychologists, and other health professionals to
discuss how they use this exciting modality in the treatment of people on
the spectrum. Today: what neurotherapy is about and how it has been used.

9pm–9:30 Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, LCSW, DHANP and Robert Ullman,
ND, DHANP: A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism. Topic:
Treating the Whole Family of the ASD Child with Homeopathy

Thurs, Apr 6:

Special: Live: Mercury Generation March and Rally
9am-11 Live coverage from Washington, DC at the Mercury Generation
March, Rally and press conference. Host Teri Small.

12:30pm–1:30 Rhonda Brunett: Unlocking the Door to Autism. Topic: What
it’s like to be on the inside looking out – meet guest Marty Murphy who has
3:30pm-4 Nicki Fischer: Get Real. Topic: “Working it Through.” Guest
Stephen Shore, author and adult on the autism spectrum, talks about how he
has met various challenges in life. Discussion includes how to thoughtfully
consider whether efforts put towards overcoming some challenges may be worth
putting elsewhere. Stephen Shore was viewed as "too sick" to be treated on
an outpatient basis and recommended for institutionalization. Nonverbal
until 4, with much help from parents, teachers, and others, Stephen Shore is
now completing his doctoral degree in special education with a focus on
helping people on the spectrum develop their capacities to the fullest
extent possible.

Fri, Apr 7:
12pm-12:20 Rob Sidell and Teri Small: Autism Global Week in Review
1pm–1:30 Lisa Ackerman: Coffee Talk with Lisa Ackerman
3pm-3:30 Alyson Beytien: Family to Family
9pm–9:30 Suzanne Messina: ASIA CafĂ©: Addressing Special Issues in
10pm–11 John Hicks, MD, FAAP: Integrative Medical Approach to Autism.
Guest: Dan Marko. Topic: Understanding the Mind and Body connection.

Sat, Apr 8

12pm-12:30 Dan Coulter: Life in the Asperger Lane. Dan and guests
discuss practical tips and techniques to help people with Asperger Syndrome
and similar ASDs succeed in the world-and help others accept and appreciate
them. Dan draws on his family’s experiences raising a son with Asperger
Syndrome and on his research as a producer of educational videos about AS
and other special needs. Today: Dan and Julie Coulter discuss strategies for
helping students with Asperger Syndrome and similar conditions who are in
mainstream classrooms succeed in grades K-12.

Sun, Apr 9
11am–11:30 Jack & Rebecca Sytsema: Children of Destiny: Spiritual
Strength and Hope for Families Struggling with Autism.

Special: Part 1 of 2
8pm–8:30 Patricia S. Lemer, M.Ed., NCC, MS Bus: After the Diagnosis,
Then What? Guest Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD speaks about the 5 Levels of
Healing in Part 1 and the 7 factors in autism in Part 2 (Apr 23).
9pm–9:30 Michael Lang, MFA: Pathways of Recovery

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