September 29, 2005

Another Success Story

Patrick Sullivan Jr. has a wonderful story on Pat Sr's blog. It is by a chelating dad about the day his "autistic" son became indistinguishable from his older brother's entire flag football team after only 3.5 months of chelation.

This is the message that this Dad wants to pass onto others:

For the parents out there that are reading this and considering chelation therapy for their "autistic" child and are trying to decide whether it is worth it, let me just say this. Do not listen to the people that tell you that this is BS and that the parents doing this are stupid. Remember one thing. The vast majority of these people telling you NOT to do it HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH IT! Instead, listen to the thousands of parents that are doing it now. They do not lie. Get several opinions. Listen to the other parents that are not doing it also and compare the results of the two sets of children. That is why I decided to proceed with this treatment. Out of the dozens of parents of "autistic" children that I spoke to before I started my son's treatment, all of the ones that were seeing drastic improvements in their children had one thing in common.... Chelation Therapy.

UPDATE: Clarification and Update from his dad:

Scott Shoemaker (Joshua's Father) said...
"Hi Ginger, thanks for helping to get the message out. There is one thing I would like to correct, though. My son WAS distinguishable from the other kids on the team. You have to remember he was 2-4 years younger than the other kids. The amazing thing was that the coaches could not tell there was anything wrong with him. He just came across as a typical 3 year old trying to fit in with kids that were much older than he was, when prior to chelation he would have just watched them from the sidelines jumping up and down flapping his hands and spinning if he watched them at all.

Also, it was a month and a half since I posted that story, and we are still seeing big gains."

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Anonymous said...

Ginger, yes, you figured out the message Scott wanted to pass along! (Not that it was much of a secret.)