October 27, 2017


Left v. Right / Authoritian v. Power to the individual.
Has the HHS Capped Reports on VAERS?
By John Stone 
MMR the ACIP and the phenom of FAILING UP
MMR Scandals:
US v. Merck:
Aborted Fetal Cells
Yet ACIP has now recommended a third dose.  Because people keep getting Mumps.  For some reason.
The integrity of the ACIP:
Arguement about giving pregnant women over 50 shingles vaccine, and MMR until someone pointed out you can't give live virus vaccines to pregnant women.
Keep in mind that parents will be told that these people are the brightest scientists in the world and that if they don't follow these recommendations their children will die.
We need ACIP watchers.
How do we not become like those causing damage?  How do we become more wise?
Numbers 5:5-7
"The Lord said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites: ‘Any man or woman who wrongs another in any way and so is unfaithful to the Lord is guilty and must confess the sin they have committed. They must make full restitution for the wrong they have done, add a fifth of the value to it and give it all to the person they have wronged. 
1. Stop what you are doing
2. Say what you did wrong
3. Clean up your mess, plus 20%.
What would it be like for you if you were approach by the people who had wronged you, and they carried out true acts of repentance for what they did?  How healing might that be?
When we are constantly course correcting we avoid causing others major harm
Here's what a repentant doctor looks like:

Do your video for World Mercury Project's Campaign to Restore Child Health
#restorechildhealth #worldmercuryproject 
Have you joined your state group?
Has your state group sent Del's Letter to their state?
Do vaccine injury families have a duty to warn?

Looking for information on how to turn down vaccines?
Vaxxed Atlanta

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